Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Oops. Deleted this one on accident

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

the beginning

So yea! We have a blog now. John has been wanting one since he found out how many of our friends had one over this last Christmas break. We've been in Port Angeles since Sept and i'm just now feeling like we're all moved in. it took a month to get the military to move our stuff over from Coeur d' Alene, then i had to set it up. It was fun to actually see again what wedding gift we had received since the only time we saw them was when we opened them, then they were sent to CDA with a friend for when the movers picked everything up there. So we (we=me in this case) unpacked and set things up, decided what we did and didn't need to keep, and then threw everything in the back bedroom as storage. John uses that back room as his "closet" even though i went to the effort of getting a hanging pole for my side so he would have his very own half, but i don't complain because he spends 90% of his morning getting ready in the other room not keeping me awake. So yeah, this room just has stuff in it including a mini fridge and a bunch of storage bins with my old barbies and art supplies and things we don't use. i have a big box for Goodwill, but john added things to it not knowing it was goodwill, so i need to go through it one more time. Before we left for Christmas i actually organize this room though, so i was happy to get that done. My kitchen was the first thing i organized, then our living room, and our bedroom. so basically, i had my home finished about 70%, then i did the extra room and had about 90% done. Now, i'm at 99%. The other week when my friends Christy and Nate came over from CDA (the first people we've actually had in our house except for the kid that lives at the end of our row of houses) so i had to have it complete and presentable. i hung my pictures finaly. That one thing alone has made me feel at home. i didn't realize how good it would make me feel. Once i finished, i felt like the mom on the Incredables when she calls the dad at work to tell him they were officially moved in since all the boxes were completly unpacked, but i had to fight off the urge to call john to tell him. My dad and step-mom have been in their house for a few years (4 i think now), and they still don't have their pictures done. i'm starting to worry for them... But i plan to take picture of it all finished soon...i just have to talk john into taking the old little tv downstairs insted of keeping it in the middle of the floor of the living room with his game chair and a million cups and plates surrounding it from his playing xbox.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

1st Valentines Day

We had our first Valentines Day together last weekend. john and i were dating last year for the big v-day, but he was on the boat doing a practice run before their big voyage south that week, so we didn't get to spend it together. But now we've had our first official one together. john had to work he woke me up to say goodbye, and i went back to sleep because saturdays are sacred to me since i work at 9 a.m in the week and we got the crap time slot for church at 9 a.m. (thank goodness they don't believe in an 8 a.m. meetings here). Saturday is my only day to sleep in later then 7:30. So, john went to work, and i got to sleep in. When i did get up, i showered and made myself pretty, did laundry, and dishes, and decided for positive what i wanted to make for our big dinner, when suddenly, (hurray!) john came home early. he showered me with kisses and handed me a Sims 2 expansion pack (Ikea Home Stuff for my sims to have new furniture), a stuffed puppy, and a card. Wonderful gifts in my opinion since my sims are my only friends i hang out with here and he was considerate of that, and the things he wrote in the card were beautiful. he said all the right things and he said them right and i loved them. made me cry even cuz i'm such a sap. It was a simple day, not really all that extravagent...but we like it that way. That's how we are. I got him a video game that he's been wanting for a while and never thought he would actually get, so he was excited about that. Then we made dinner together. Breakfast for dinner. Waffles, sassage, and eggs. it was cute to watch him make the eggs.
i love having such a great husband.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Ok. We're "officially" moved in i think. There are a few things i want to change in the house (mostly in our bedroom), but we're unpacked and the place looks like a home now. it only took 5 months! We moved to Port Angeles at the beginning of Sept, and then it took 3 weeks for the military to move our stuff over from Coeur d' Alene. After that we (we = me) set it up.

...Now its time to get ready to send john away to school. We've been married 6 months, and now he's leaving at the beginning of March for 5 months of school with the Coast Guard in North Carolina. blah. I've known that he would be going to this since the time we were just dating, so its not like i was uninformed though. He should have left at the beginning of the year but was bumped down the list by some kid that failed the class and was taking it again (who has since failed again and was kicked out of the program in less then 2 months of the 5 month class). but i have been grateful for the extra 2 months we've had together, so that doesn't bug me as much as it does john. He wanted to be there with his friend jeff but now won't be because jeff is off to Hawaii soon for his base assignment (darn that jeff for being so smart and getting his first choice). i want a vacation station too! Because of this, even though i'll be without him for 5 months, i've already started encouraging him to do well in class so he can have his first choice of base assignments too. Its worth if it means we don't end up in Kodiak Alaska. With the job he wants to do working with the aircrafts', there are 5 places we could end up in. Alaska, Hawaii, California, Florida, and North Carolina. Which one would be your first choice? i'm actually torn between NC and HI... but hawaii is sounding better and better every day to me right now, so i'm trying to not get my hopes up too high. Anything is better then alaska!
My family was almost stationed in alaska when i was growing up. i think i was in 2nd grade. The movers had picked up our stuff and it was on its way there when our orders were changed and we went to Guam. Aw Guam. That's a vacation station. i don't think i've ever been so tan in my life since then. i think being so tan so young took all the pigment out of my skin so that i can never be tan again. i am forever pasty white it seems. i don't think i would look right in HI. i would forever look like a tourist even after living there 4 years probably.
That's not the reason i'm torn between HI and NC. My reasoning is because of the future family we plan to start (hopefully in the near future but no rush cuz i don't want to stress about that too) and the chances their grandparents would get to come see them. Tickets to HI are a bit spendy. Also i can't imagine trying to find housing in HI either. i doubt it would be easy on our wages. Everything about HI is expensive.
BUT, i'm not going to stress about it right now. No one knows where we'll end up, and in the end it always works out for the best. So, for now, i get to stay here in Port Angeles and wait for my husband.