Monday, May 18, 2009

Our Future Baby!

Its amazing the weird time wasters you can find online when you're bored. This one is my pick of the day: You can use it to do what i did and get the baby, or you can make a funky lookin sheman prospective child thats your age. I tried the later, but it was so scary that i decided it was best to leave that one to the imagination...or try to find better pictures of us to use to try again another time :)

So, this is what John & I's future baby is supposed to look like. Cute huh? I've decided it looks like its a Her, and i already have a name for her (which i'm not sharing at this time because i have too many prego friends that could steal it cuz its such a good name). Just to put your mind to rest: NO, i'm not pregnant. Not that i know of at least, and i haven't seen my husband in almost 3 months so chances are good that i'm not.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Of all the luck...

Dang it. I've been telling myself for about a week that i should start taking some decongestant to make sure i don't have extra pressure on my ears so i can take my trip next week. "Preventative Medicating" was my plan. But, i didn't do it and now i'm paying for it. That's right, I'M SICK. blah. Terrible news when i'm about to go on vaca to see my husband. I went to the store on monday to pick up some things that i've been needing. I had planned to get the meds then...but i forgot to get it. So then i planned to stop at wal-mart on my way home from Young Womens last night (wednesday). I went to work feeling fine, i came home from work feeling fine, i ate a sandwich and then i noticed: "hey, my throat feels kind of sore...". So i made my priority to get to the store after YWs. I went and i felt about the same, dropped off the beehive girls i had driven around for the nights activities, then made my beeline to the store for drugs. The Halls Vitamin - C Drops are magic on sore throats, and i got the Sudafed for my sinuses to make sure they clear up and don't mess up my ears any more then they already are.

Don't fly with an ear infection. Actually, don't travel long distances with an ear infection. I have learned this from experience. Ears are not something to mess with. I've had the unpleasant experience of rupturing my ear drums several times. Four times in my right ear, and two in my left. I had both rupture at the same time twice. Once while i was driving over the passes from Montana up to North Idaho, and once while flying into Spokane. I'm almost positive i'll be deaf when i'm 60 if not sooner. The ringing in the ears only gets worse.

So, i got the drugs home and started medicating. I said my prayers and tried my best to get sleep last night, but this morning i woke up at 6 (an hour and a half before i usually get up!) with a killer sore throat and a crick in my neck that i still haven't managed to get out. The only up side to waking up so early was that it gave me time to wash a load of whites because i forgot i was out of undies.

It was a year ago, minus a week or so, that i started getting sick exactly like this. Disaster. Disgusting. Horrible. It was my last day of work because i was moving the next day to stay with my dad until my wedding, John had just gotten off a 4 month tour on his ship to South America and had flow up to see me before i left, and my dad had flow up to help me move. My throat hurt like this, and i was all clogged up in the head, and i had this fever, but we all went to a friends house for dinner. I don't remember what all we ate, but i do remember the brownies. They were delicious. The Costco kind that even had the chocolate chips in them. i ate 3 of them i think. Yummy. Why would i remember the brownies i ate a year ago you ask? Because, i remember what they tasted like when i threw them all up. Not the same. i don't eat a lot of brownies any more. When we got back to the house i went in my room and started sobbing from how gross and sick i felt. Ten minutes later i was upstairs throwing up in a bowl. I threw up 8 times that night. Poor sweet John sat and watched me do it too, and he was so sweet to stay by my side. Any man that can sit and watch me do that is worth spending eternity with. That's a real man. I've never been that sick as an adult before and i want to try to avoid doing it again.

I'm not throwing up yet, but right now it feels like i could be heading that direction :( i've decided its allergies. That's the only explanation. I'm not getting it from work because i work alone, just like i was last year. Where i'm living now is a lot like Coeur d' Alene with all the trees and everything, so that's the only thing i can think of. But this time, if i do get that sick again, i don't have my John around to help take care of me :( And, if i really do get that sick again, then i need to get it over with right away this weekend so i'll be well enough to travel to see john next week. Pray for me!! If you know of a better way to get rid of the sore throat, tell me please. Please, please, please! i have to get better soon...

Friday, May 8, 2009

What to do, what to do...

I'm feeling....inspired. But my problem is that i don't know which way to direct that inspiration. It needs to be something creative and artistic that i haven't done before. i have 3 projects i want to do actually, but i don't know which way to go yet...

#1 is refinishing my coffee table. Its real wood, kind of country looking (though not the direction i want to go with my decorating). It looks good with the plaid couch set though. Yes i said plaid. My step-mom has a weird thing for plaid. She gave it too me when they moved to Southern Idaho. I was just grateful to have anything. But i don't plan to be keeping this set for forever. This is just my starter furniture. But I found this thing (the coffee table) by the side of the road next to someones house with a sign on it saying "FREE". Its in pretty good shape except for some cup rings and it looks like a child drew in a few spots with a pen, but its not deep and it can be fixed with some sanding. So, if i sand it all down, i want to refinish it to go with the TV stand we have. Its a chestnut dark dark brown, and i also have a bookshelf that matches. So, i want this coffee table to match, and i think i can do it myself.

#2 has to do with cake decorating. i know, refinishing a coffee table...cake decorating. Two different things. But my interests are broad. I guess I have done this one before, but i don't have a lot of experience. I don't know when or for who i would make a cake for, but there is an artistic outlet in cake decorating, and i got a taste of it when i did my brothers wedding cake, and then my own. His was frosted red velvet with little rose buds on it that i made, and it tasted great. Their colors were red and white if you couldn't tell. John and I's was red velvet for the top and then lemon and mint cup cakes all with a marshmallow fondant (which tastes much better then regular fondant). I made everything all by myself for our cake: the 3 tier stand, the cup cakes, frosting, cake, fondant, and the monogram cake topper. It still amazes me that i was able to throw the whole wedding together with 2 weeks warning! Goes to show what military life is like. A lot of hurry up and wait and unpredictability.

So back to what i was saying. I've had a little taste of cake decorating, but I think the reason i'm so obsessed with doing cakes now is because i've been watching Ace Of Cakes on the Food Network. If you ever get the chance to check it out, do. It looks so much fun. They make great cakes that you can't even imagine being actual cakes. They show this cake they made that is this 3 tiered robins egg blue cake with chocolate fondant on top and cut outs in it so you could see the blue under it. I love it. I've been planning how to do it in my head trying to figure it out. They had a picture of it on their site last week, but it looks like they've changed the site recently so its gone now :( oh well i guess. So, for my friends and family, i am willing to do cakes. I'll be practicing and i'll get better, so give me a call if you need help ;) i'm not a pro, but i'm willing to try anything.


#3 I want to learn how to Solder. This is something i've been wanting to do for a long time. My Grandpa made a bronze sculpture for my parents as a wedding gift, and i grew up with it in my home. I love it, and i want to make my own. For some reason i don't think i have much hope that i'll get it when my dad dies (which i never want to happen!) because my step-mom's family lives forever and will probably outlive everyone. But, I want my kids to have one in their home, and maybe if i make it well enough, i might be able to sell them one day. It's one of my ambitions in life, to do something artistic, from home, that i can share with people. I know, soldering isn't THAT hard, but it's something i haven't gotten to learn or try yet. Once i do, we'll see how much i want to do it still... but i hope it really is as great as i hope.

Ok, so i'll keep you updated about when i get into these things. i can't keep putting them off forever. Especially the coffee table. Wish me luck! And if you have any pointers, let me know!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

New Clothes!

So, i have this awesome vacation coming up in a few weeks that involves GETTING TO SEE MY HUSBAND!! (yea!) We're going to the beach and we're going to have tons of fun. A real blessing in my opinion. i can't wait to see him.

In preparation for this trip, and for getting to see him after these long months, i have been working out and buying things so i look cute for him. i don't want to be a frumpy wife, i want to be cute wife, that's as thin as she was when she got married...with new cute clothes. So, i've gotten a few things. A floral top, a cute tan skirt, some comfy red sandals, some capris, and super cute polka dot dress....

Cute right? Dresses in my opinion have the ability to not be so extremely flattering on me, and its easier to mix and match with skirts, so i don't usually go out of my way to try them on. But, every now and then i will and it ends up being fine. I have a few now. I actually already have a black and white polka dot dress i got a while back, but its not as cute as this one i think. It hit me at the knee so it was modest, but once i got married it felt too short for my comfort when i sat down. i wore it once and worried the whole time if it was going to show anything. i didn't, but it was too much stress to be worth it. i'll be giving it to my friend Rachel when i see her on the trip. She's my size but a little shorter then i am....i miss having a friend close by to trade clothes with :( but yeah, i ordered this dress last week from Fashion Bug of all places. We have a store here in town (1 of the 3 chain stores we have here) and i checked out the site to see if it was worth going in to find something cute. I saw this and knew i had to go in. But, our store is a small store and they didn't have it so they had to order it for me. If it didn't fit then i could return it to the store. I found capris under $20 in the store though, and that's always great. Then today, the dress came :) yea. i ripped open the plastic packaging on it and threw it on with my jeans still on. It fits great. Made me want to go out and be a Salsa Dancer or something. The length is great, and there is enough sleeve on it to cover my garments without problem, but i have cardigans to go with it for church because our building is freezing with the AC on. I didn't really need the dress...but i'm glad i got it.

So, all i need to find is a red t-shirt to go with the red sandals i found (for $3!) and i'll be done with my shopping and ready to be cute for John.