Monday, July 5, 2010

By Aircraft?

Have you ever seen one of these signs? They have them here in California, but i can't remember if i've seen them anywhere else.
My real question is:

How does this work??

We drive down the highways enough, and i've never once seen any type of "Aircraft" flying overhead keeping tabs on our speed. Trust me, every time i see the sign i do search the skies. Are they lying to us to scare us into driving the speed limit? Or are they really hiding in their patrol cars off in the bushes in wait for us to not take them seriously? i'm sure if i Googled it, i would find out how it really works, but to be honest i think i find it more interesting to speculate what's really going on....but then again, i do want to know. What do you think?


Emily@Little Forever Family said...

I have often wondered this myself. Perhaps someday I shall google it and find out! It was great seeing you guys~probably the best part of our trip. But I do apologize for my extended family being butt-holes. Makes me mad how tacky/greedy/rude they are. Love you guys!

nicwoo said...

Too funny. No Idea.

Jed said...

This happened to me, I got pulled over by a plane..kinda...I was driving through Nevada and a low flying plane radioed my speed to a group of cops waiting a few exits down the road. It sucked. First ticket of my life