Wednesday, February 18, 2009

1st Valentines Day

We had our first Valentines Day together last weekend. john and i were dating last year for the big v-day, but he was on the boat doing a practice run before their big voyage south that week, so we didn't get to spend it together. But now we've had our first official one together. john had to work he woke me up to say goodbye, and i went back to sleep because saturdays are sacred to me since i work at 9 a.m in the week and we got the crap time slot for church at 9 a.m. (thank goodness they don't believe in an 8 a.m. meetings here). Saturday is my only day to sleep in later then 7:30. So, john went to work, and i got to sleep in. When i did get up, i showered and made myself pretty, did laundry, and dishes, and decided for positive what i wanted to make for our big dinner, when suddenly, (hurray!) john came home early. he showered me with kisses and handed me a Sims 2 expansion pack (Ikea Home Stuff for my sims to have new furniture), a stuffed puppy, and a card. Wonderful gifts in my opinion since my sims are my only friends i hang out with here and he was considerate of that, and the things he wrote in the card were beautiful. he said all the right things and he said them right and i loved them. made me cry even cuz i'm such a sap. It was a simple day, not really all that extravagent...but we like it that way. That's how we are. I got him a video game that he's been wanting for a while and never thought he would actually get, so he was excited about that. Then we made dinner together. Breakfast for dinner. Waffles, sassage, and eggs. it was cute to watch him make the eggs.
i love having such a great husband.

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