Sunday, January 31, 2010

Ode To My Dear Tissues

So apparently its Doppelgänger week on a picture of your celebrity look-a-like and all that stuff. Whatever. i don't always play along with the trends, but after seeing everyone else do it i couldn't help but try to remember who people have told me i look like. The last time i was told i look like anyone famous it was this girl:
Drew Barrymore.
I'm not exactly sure i see it. Husband says he sees it, so i'll go with it though.
Do you see it?

So that's that. On to the next, the reason for my post today.

Ode to My Dear Tissue

Oh dear tissue,
how I find comfort in your fluffy white goodness.
You always stand true and firm against everything that blows your way.
You never seem to rub me the wrong way either.
You save my clothes from the unsightly mascara that runs with my tears
and, dear tissue, you care for my nose and keep it as soft as a babies bottom when i lose all control of it.
Oh! how can I not help but love you.
Thank you dear tissue.
Thank you!

Yes friends, i am sick. It started with a few sneezes the other day, then progressed to a sore throat the next morning that got better as the day went on. Then the next day was full on congestion, sore throat, swollen glands, and exhaustion. I was asleep in my bed before 10 last night, which is almost unheard of for me because Husband was staying overnight on base and i never get to sleep before 2am when he's gone. But today was the worst. I woke up before 5am, and never got back to sleep after that. All of it, the sneezing, coughing, congestion, sore everything from head to toe. I can't get my nose to stop running. The tissues i've gone through lay around me crumpled up in piles... I'm exhausted.

But, i have come to appreciate the greatness of the Puffs Plus Tissues because of this. Back in the day when i had roommates, they would go through my tissues like candy, but i don't remember any of them ever being sick so i stopped buying the tissues for them. But after getting married and stocking up the house with the essentials the tissues managed to get back into the shopping cart again and i've had this box since we moved. I don't know why or how though because tissues are one of those items you don't realize you don't have until you need them. Tissue, because i don't use it often, is not something i invest much money in either. But i remember buying this particular box that i carry around the house with me like a security blanket right now. I almost didn't buy it, i almost got the store brand because it was just tissue. Gasp! But i saw this particular box and i just knew i wanted it:

(its a scan of the box because i wanted to figure out the new scanner. sorry)
Isn't it pretty?? i thought it was anyways. And what's another $.50 for the good stuff when its something you don't buy often?
So, dear tissues, thank you for taking care of me. I'll never go back to store brand again.

So today i'm sick. On a Sunday. I love church, and i missed it. Our ward is great, the people are great, i love hearing the talks in Sacrament, and i'm in nursery with the little kids so its that much greater. But people get sick sometimes and we have no control of the day of the week it happens. But this Sunday, of all the Sundays i could have been sick was a bad one. I was supposed to give a talk in Sacrament meeting today..... i hang my head in shame every time i think about it. I was asked to give this talk 3 weeks ago, and amazingly i was completely done writing it last Saturday....i thought i was supposed to give it last Sunday so i showed up at church with it ready and willing to share, but came to find out when we picked up the program that i had got my dates wrong. My bad. I was prepared for today though, and that's what's supposed to matter. BUT, as i'm the walking dead today and didn't go....shame is what i feel.... Husband had to go to church and give his talk without me. I have never heard him speak in church before, though i've spoke 4 times since we started dating, so missing that was a downer for me too. But I feel like they could think i was trying to skip out on speaking. There are people that do it, i had friends like that, and i know i thought about doing it a few times when i was younger, so i would understand if they thought i was skipping out on it. Not this time though, i swear. if you came to my house right now you would see the misery. I'm saving the talk though, and if they want me to speak again, i'm ready any time....

So i've given my thanks to my tissues, i owe one to my husband too. He's been taking care of me as much as the tissues, if not more. The glass after glass of water, the blanket and pillow so i can camp out on the couch, the being the great husband that he is....i love him more for it.

but my tissues are running a nice 2nd today :)

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Happy Anniversary!

Happy Anniversary to husband and i!
Today is the 2 year anniversary of the day we got engaged, the day husband asked me to be his wife.
We didn't do anything to celebrate the special day because i just realized it about 5 minutes ago...but its still a special day that deserves a little acknowledgement because I still feel special that he picked me out of all the world to love forever :]

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

I Have A Confession

i should be on the Worst Cooks in America show...
Have any of you watched this show? (please tell me if you do so i don't feel like a dork.) I didn't start watching the show from the beginning of the series, i just kind of happened onto it a few weeks ago and i've been hooked since. These contestants, they're terrible cooks that were sent to this show to learn from chefs every week and compete to find out who the best of the worst is.

Until i started watching this show i thought i was a decent enough cook. Nothing top quality like my friend Nathan Child (who wins National cooking comps and is a-m-a-z-i-n-g), but good enough that i wouldn't be ashamed to feed strangers occasionally, and i could feed my family without too much complaint ( i don't remember the last time husband complained about my cooking). It wasn't until i started watching this show, Worst Cooks, that i realized how little i really know! I think the only thing i am good at is making a casserole and salad. i can follow a recipe fairly well most of the time, the easy ones any way. But the things these "worst cooks" are learning is beyond my level. My comprehension. I'm terrible at spices and picking out flavors and "wilting salads", and all the different type of cooking, and they go and just throw things together without a recipe... i would fail on the show!

This is just something i've been thinking about the last few day. My solution for this is one of two options. 1) get on the show, or 2) start taking cooking classes. The second option is more realistic, but the first one would be more fun. So, i'm just going to put this out there: Nominate me for the show! tell them i'm terrible. After i learn to cook, for everyone that nominated me i will come to your home and cook for you ;) Until then, i'm just going to get by on my measly cooking talents and hope for the best.
vote for me!

Friday, January 15, 2010

One of my favorite things about this time of year is these:

Yes, the Reese's Peanut Butter Hearts.
They are my favorite candy in the whole world i think. I used to get bags and bags of these every year and stock up on them so i could still have some after Valentines day. I'm not going to do it this year though... i got one bag and that's going to last me. And when they're gone, they're gone....

Thursday, January 14, 2010

I'm Neglecting You All

i'm extremely overdue for a new post, so i apologize. i don't realize how far behind i get sometimes. When we're out doing things, husband will make fun of me for how i now have something to blog about, and i'm like "oh! why didn't i think of that!", and i realize after the fact that i have my camera and i should have taken pictures.... who really wants to read a blog without new pictures?
Sadly, i don't have pictures today, so if you don't read this through all the way, i understand.
Things are kind of slow around the house. We had the exterminator come and check out the house last week about our rat problem. We did have some he said (didn't i know it!). Roof Rats. I knew they were in the attic because i could hear them when i would lay in bed in the morning while i planned my day, but i don't think husband believed me when i would tell him about it. But i was right, they were up there. The exterminator said there was cat food in there that they had drug up from the previous family that lived here before us. Husband said we won't be getting a pet if their food attracts rats...i may have to wait until next year before i can push that issue again because i love having pets. But the exterminator came, told us what to do around the house so they can't come in, and as soon as the traps do their job, we'll be closing all the holes.
Last weekend we had one of husbands friends from work move in. He'll be renting one of the bedrooms for a month or so because he's waiting to go to A-school in NC (the same one husband went to last summer). He (the guy that moved in w/ us) had an apartment, but staying with us he doesn't have to sign a lease and he's saving a little money. We know what that waiting feels like, and its nice to be able to help someone out, so its not really a big deal. I hardly ever see him really. He comes home and goes straight to his room. He'll occasionally come down and talk with husband while they play xbox for 10 minutes, but that's about it. He eats breakfast, but he never makes himself dinner in the evening, so i'm starting to wonder if he knows he's allowed to use the kitchen... He did do laundry last night though, so i know he's comfortable enough to do that. He's a really nice guy, just really quiet. Its interesting to have someone living with us to say the least, but its been positive so i would possibly consider it again if the situation ever came up again. Maybe.
But besides all that, its just little things going on. i've finally hung up pictures in the house (YEA!) and i'm now starting on some crafts. We started our "healthy living" again after getting back from Christmas. I've been cooking a lot to do that too and we're not eating out any more. That's been good because we're saving as much money as possible so we can afford to go to the beach this summer with husband's family. Husband keeps saying we may not go, but we are. i keep having to remind him about how we can do it, and that it'll be fine, but he's been stressing about it so much i think he's a little skeptical. He stresses about things more then people realize i think. But it really will be fine.
So, i'm going to try to remember to take more pictures while we're out and about doing things. We found even going to the grocery store turns into a small adventure, so i'll try to get better with the pictures... :)

Monday, January 4, 2010

Angry Face

I almost had my first real car accident today. I was on my way to the bank, i had my Jamba Juice in the cup holder, and i was thinking about how i was about ready for another sip of it when i got to the red light 2 intersections up. The car in front of me turned right so i had to slow down for it and i was speeding up through the intersection when all of a sudden a car pulls out into the intersection right in front of me out of nowhere. It hadn't even stuck its nose out to see if anyone was coming so i'm not sure it had even stopped for their red light. I didn't have time to hit my horn, i had to swerve to miss her so fast and luckily there wasn't a car in the lane next to me otherwise it would have been a mess... She sped off to the far left lane and got into the turning lane to get as many cars between us as possible, but i saw her passenger look over a me with a look on his face like he knew what happened was their fault and to see if i was peeved. I was upset for about 20 seconds while i sat at the red light as i thought about my choices: be a jerk back and give them the stare down while i mouth curse words at them through the closed window... OR let it go and chalk it up to a close call. As much as i didn't want to i let it go, i did. I let it go. I'm not telling this story to say i'm a better person then those people that do use choice words or hand gestures (because that was my first thought to do after i knew i had avoided the accident), but i'm really proud of myself for taking that second to think about how i was going to react. That woman is probably my least favorite person of my week still, but....i let it go. I actually hadn't thought about it again until husband called to ask about my day.
I've been driving almost 10 years now, and that's the closest i've come to having a car accident amazingly. Not that i'm trying to jinx myself!
i just realized this is my first post of the new year. Happy New Years everyone! i hope you all had a great, safe holiday. Husband and i did :] We drove for 18 hours straight to New Mexico to stay with his family for the holiday. It was really great seeing everyone, and we had a ton of fun. We're really looking forward to seeing them all again for family vacation this summer. I'll have to post pictures of all our fun real soon.