Tuesday, June 30, 2009

A Reminder For Me That I'll Share With You

I was all motivated a few weeks ago. I was working on projects, working out (which i am still doing by the way), blogging, working, cooking, cleaning, and a million other things...but at the moment i'm not feeling it. I don't know what the difference is. I think it started last week though, and i'm hoping i'll get back out of it soon.
This last weekend i took a short trip to California. The Sacramento area to be more precise. John and i decided we should buy a house. That's exciting news i think. I never dreamed of owning my own home, especially any time soon. I figured we were doomed to renting till he retired. But we've been thinking and praying, and the way things are going it just seems like the right direction. So, that's why i went down to Cali, i was house shopping. Looking online was frustrating. I would find nice homes and put them on my list of home i was going to see when i went down, but then the next day they were pending. That seemed to be the case when i got down there too. The agent took me around to look at my list, and when i decided that afternoon which ones i wanted to put an offer, the 1st one had 10 offers put on it already, and the 2nd one had a $36k over asking price to be presented on it with almost $50,000 cash as a down payment. WHAT!?!? Who does that? And everything is a short sale, there were about 10 active sales in the price range i was looking in. But the word "short sale" is not what it sounds like it is. It means the seller is selling the home for less then what they owe on it, they're "short" the money, but they're in such a bind with it they can't keep paying the mortgage. They have to get bank approval for this, and sometimes this doesn't happen in a timely manner. I talked to one lady down there that said one of her clients took a whole year to get through the whole process because of the lender, she's just now about to close and get into the home. Short sales were not common a few years ago when i was in real estate. But, the economy changes (not that i'm going to talk politics though).
I've tried to teach myself that i should expect the unexpected and that it will work out in the end, so i tried to picture and plan out what i would do if it didn't go the way i wanted....it didn't even go any like of the alternatives i could think of. The whole trip was a waste it feels like. I didn't find anything to put an offer on. It looks like we will be renting when we get there for a few months and then we will be there so we can run out and look at a listing on a moments notice. But the positive is that i know that know and i have a better understanding for the market there. I'm hoping that things will level out a little better towards the end of the summer to give us time to find the right one though. Just because we didn't find something now doesn't mean it won't happen. There's probably something better out there waiting for when we're ready.
I met some really great people though. One of the guys that John is going to school with has all his family in Sacramento. They're members of the church even, and he set it all up for me to stay with them, they found me a mortgage broker (his father-in-law), and a real estate agent (a member in their ward). All of them were extremely great, and i don't doubt that they will be who we will work with when we find a house there. I'm feeling better about this move, and i know that going there is where we need to be going right now....*knock on wood* (don't want to jinx it). If any good came of the wasted trip, at least i know that. And the family i stayed with was great. Especially the "dad". He kept saying how it didn't even feel like i was a guest, that i was like one of his kids. He actually got a little choked up when it was time for me to go too. They were all good people though and i don't think i'll ever be able to thank them enough for having a stranger stay in their home. They fed me well, took me to their family gatherings, introduced me to people at church, and took me to walk around the temple (which was one of my favorite parts about the whole trip. Its a beautiful temple. I think it will be great to live so close to a temple again. None of this 3 hour driving stuff like we have to do now.
So, to keep myself from getting too stressed about this moving and house buying stuff, my goal is to stay positive. I tell a certain friend in particular when she gets down to count her blessings and stay positive, and i need to take my own advise. I lost some traction in my motivation last week, but its a new week, and i think its time to get back into things.
Be Positive.
Count the Blessings.
Keep Trying.
Have Faith.

It all works out for the very best in the end. I've learned that many times over. I don't know what the Lord wants for me, i just have to trust that it will be fine. That's one of those things i have to learn and remind myself every time.
This week my goals are to keep looking for houses, keep cleaning my house, keep working out, start and finish a new project (like refinishing the coffee table...), study my scriptures, pray, remind myself that things will be fine while i practice faith, and wait for my husband to come home (less then 3 weeks to go!!).
Wish me luck!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

We Can Dance!

Ok, i know i haven't blogged for a little while, but my excuse is a good one...i'm just not going to tell you about it right now :) But, here is another one of those little fun things i've found online this week and put together to share with you all. I didn't have that great of pictures to work with for me (but amazingly i had tons of for john), and i realize i look pretty dark...but oh well. Enjoy it for what it is :)

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Sunday, June 14, 2009

Thank You Rachel Ray

OK, so the other day after work i was sitting at home being a slug. I get off at 1 in the afternoon, and with john gone i don't have a lot going on at home besides my tv...it gets monotonous to say the least. Like that commercial that Nutri-Grain has where the persons day is the same every day, and then they change it by eating the Nutri-Grain Bar and the whole day ends up being better.

That's how i feel some times, like my day is always the same.
A few months ago i started eating a light breakfast every day and taking a bag of mini-wheat's with me to work for something to snack on, so i'm not eating all the crap food that the person is in the commercial, so i'm proud of myself for making that change. I don't eat out at all except for maybe Subway every now and then. But my day is usually get up, shower, get ready, grab food, work till 1, do things online (bills, blog, facebook, shopping, whatever), go home grab a late lunch, watch my routine of tv shows i recorded in the day, talk to john for a while, eat a small dinner, read, go to bed, repeat. It was starting to get depressing. But, since i got home from vacation i've been motivated to make some changes. i don't know if it was coming home from vacation, or if its knowing we're moving or....i don't know. But i'm doing things now. My house has been deep cleaned. I have project ideas all planned out and i'm in the process of acquiring all the materials to follow through with them: i.e. the coffee table i want to refinish, redecorating the bedroom, making a padded headboard. That kind of stuff.

But tuesday was a big day for me. Another turning point. I made a choice, and i hope its one that makes all the difference. I got home from work, had finished eating my lunch, and i was mad at myself for wanting something to snack on but wasn't allowing myself to go in the kitchen to do it. Everything is reruns on tv and i didn't have anything to watch, so i was going through the menu and saw Rachel Ray was on. I haven't watched her since john left so i changed the channel to her. The next segment she was starting was about a 15 year old girl that had lost almost 60 pounds because she was inspired (by watching Rachel Ray of coarse) to start using her family treadmill every day while watching the show and start cooking real food (like Rachel Ray). They had her on the show because she was depressed that she still didn't have friends after losing all the weight (she really did look amazing and was much more mature then a regular 16 year old). But i was watching this segment and i thought "If a 16 year old girl can do it by doing that, then so can i". I didn't even finish the segment, i turned the tv off, went downstairs to change into workout clothes, grabbed my headphones and a bottle of water and went to the YMCA we have here in town. One of the great perks about the Coast Guard here is that they get in to the Y free, and us family members do too. So i asked how it all works at the front desk, they gave me the sign in sheet, and i was given a tour of the gym. They even tried to offer me a job but i turned it down since we're moving in Aug. I was on a treadmill within 30 minutes of watching Rachel Ray. I ran for a half hour, did the rowing machine for 20, and a few other things for 15, and then i was done. I worked out a full hour.
I used to go to spinning all the time back in Coeur d' alene, and that was great. They have a class here at the Y, so i'm going to start doing that if they can get better times for it on their schedule, or continue the treadmill and the other working out stuff...i don't know. But i'm going to keep going. I could have been doing this the whole time, and that's what bugs the most, but i held myself back. I hate going to the gym alone. But, now i've done it, so i can do it again. I got some better running shoes (yea!), and now i'll be going to the gym. I want to go every day till we move, i'll just skip sundays and wednesdays (mutual night), and i think i can do it. i went 3 times last week already, and i think i can keep it up. wish me luck!!

P.S. Click here for the link to the video segment that inspired me ;]

Friday, June 12, 2009

An Adventure in Pictures

Meet Cute Girl.
One day she was sitting at work being extremely bored and decided she was in need of an adventure.
She wanted to find friends, and maybe even her true match *Cute Boy*

So Cute Girl got on a bus.
It was a beautiful summer morning and the sun was shining when the bus came upon the water at the end of the road.
The bus driver said "We have to take a fairy now".
"Wow!" thought Cute Girl, "i've never seen one of those. i didn't even know they were real. How will it carry the bus?".
But the "fairy" turned out to be a "ferry boat".
The bus drove onto this ferry and they were off to a new land.
While Cute Girl was on this ferry she decided to explore and maybe say goodbye to her home land.
Her home land was so beautiful though...
So she found the escape boat so she could go back.
But she couldn't figure out how to use it so she got back on the bus.
When they got to the other side of the land, the bus took her to a magical place called Seattle. There were many things to see in Seattle.
Then the bus stopped and the bus driver told her to get out.
She was at the airport which was perfect for continuing her adventure. "Where ever the wind may take me" she thought. So she got on an airplane.

She flew in the airplane for so long the sun started to set.
When she got off the airplane, it was light out again and she walked around for a while.
This new place she was in smelled different, so she walked until she figured out what it was.
It was the water. They told her it was the Atlantic Ocean.
When she got to the ocean she found some fish.
And swimming with the fish she found her friend Cool Girl.

Cool Girl was one of her favorite friends. They were so excited to see each other.

But the ocean was so distracting to Cute Girl, she couldn't stop looking at it.
So Cool Girl said to Cute Girl "Come get in!"
And that's exactly what she did.
It turned out to be kind of wet and mushy in the end though...
Cute Girl was having so much fun. But she wanted to do more.
"I still need to find my perfect match *Cute Boy*" she thought.
So she said goodbye to Cool Girl and started searching for someone to tell her where to look.
While she was walking she found King Neptune.
"He's a great person to ask where i can find my perfect match. I think i'll ask him" she said to herself.
It didn't seem like he was much help though. He just told her to go back the way she came and to watch out for the monster crabs the were wandering around on the beach.
She found them. Or rather, they found her. So she ran away to the direction she had came from.
Cute Girl found the fish where she had found her friend Cool Girl. She thought that one of the fish was kind of cute, so she decided to give it a kiss before left the beach.
Suddenly, the fish turned into a man and everything was different. It was her perfect match Cute Boy! YEA! Cute Girl and Cute Boy were united.
They were so happy together. They decided to see the world together and continue on the adventure. They got in a fun "space age" looking car, and Cute Boy led the way.
There were so many buttons and different things in the car.
They drove through tunnels...
And saw roads that had tracks to everywhere you could ever want to go.
And there were bridges too.
They saw many lands together.
Crazy red telephone booths were there....
and castles too!
"I don't think we she be here so close to the castle" said Cute Girl.
But Cute Boy said it was ok...
Cute Boy was caught outside the castle minutes later though...
After his was done being on display, he was put to work in the rice fields and was vary sad.
"I miss Cute Girl", he said.
But Cute Girl was not far away. She was on a mission to save him.
And she did. They ran away together, and found more friends in the strange land. They were "different", but extremely nice.
They even sang and danced for them.
Cute Boy was happy.
And so was Cute Girl.
Then they realized they were being followed!
Everywhere they went, there was the same guy and girl right behind them!
They looked nice...And they were always smiling....
But Cute Boy decided that he should hide in the girls bathroom until they went away.
When it was all clear, they found a waterfall.
It was so beautiful there, they decided to walk the paths.
and they found a place to play mini golf...
but they weren't paying attention and a Pirate Ship came!
The Pirates got one look at Cute Girl and decided to take them both captive.
They were given rules, and told what to do and how to speak now that they were on their ship.
And they were separated and couldn't be together.
But Cute Girl used her skills and made friends with the Pirates.
So the Pirates let them both be free together and sailed away...
Cute Girl and Cute Boy were left by the ocean again...
they didn't know what to do next.
But it didn't matter, because they were together :)
and they were happy.
So Cute Boy surprised Cute Girl with a kiss!
But Suddenly, when Cute Girl went to kiss him back, everything changed!
She was back in her office again....
It was only a dream.
So Sad.

The End.