Tuesday, July 14, 2009

A Busy Week and Things to Think About

I'm closing my office this week.
I've been running a branch office for a company out of California since the beginning of the year, and when i told them we were going to be moving to Sacramento they decided to close the office here. We're closing it down a little earlier then we planned, we had decided on the 24th originally, but i'm kind of glad its this week instead of next week. That means i can dedicate thursday and friday to cleaning my house for Husband to come home to, and when his sister and brother-in-law come see us next week I'll be able to hang out with them instead of having to go to work.
My other good news this week, i already mentioned. Husband is coming home! It's about dang time too. He left the 1st of March, and except for 3 precious days in May when i flew out to see him, i haven't had my husband for almost 5 months. That's TOO LONG, especially for newly weds. This should be the longest we will have to spend apart from here on out (knock on wood).
When he gets home, we'll be able to get a solid date for when we're moving, so that will be a good thing. You really can't make any plans for anything if you don't have a solid date. John was having a hard time grasping this concept, kept asking me to find housing and a new job and cancel our services here, but the houses that are available now most likely won't be if we don't move until the end of August. And the same goes with a job. And with notifying everyone when we're leaving, he was telling me to say the beginning of August some time....some time when? What if we're stuck here longer and we had already told them the 1st? He's been stressing about it, but i've moved enough to know how the system works and what needs to be done. Military life is a lot of hurry up and wait, so don't plan anything until you know for sure. And even then, things can change. When i was younger my family was supposed to move to Alaska, the movers had come and were shipping it north when the orders were changed on us to go to Guam. That's just how things happen some times, and you can't plan for it, so you just have to go with it.
So, there's a lot going on, and more to come. My sleeping has been so off for the last month too, I've been so tired lately so that's slowing me down a little (i slept in until 11 two days in a row over the 4th of July weekend, and i haven't done that since i was in middle school), and then i'm not sleeping at nights how i would like to either. Last night i woke up at 3 and couldn't get back to sleep until after 5. Ugh. I'm hoping it'll be better when i get to sleep in the same room with Husband again though. SOON!
Blogs my be even fewer and further apart for a little while, but once things settle it'll get better ;)

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Husband says the darndest things too

I know, kids are usually the ones to say funny things, but i don't have any of those yet. I have a Husband. Husbands say funny things too. So for now, i'm going to start a list of things John (husband) says that crack me up.

Recently my dad redrafted his "will" for if something happened to him, or both him and my step-mom Cindy. His reasoning for this was silly in my opinion, but whatever makes him happy. Around Fathers Day he was informing of these changes, and what he was leaving to who (john & i get my little brother Jared), and he informed me that he wants to leave half his guns, his most prized possessions, to John. A few days later i was telling John about this and John was actually excited about it. His response to this was:

"I could shoot a bear!"

Gotta love boys ;]

Did You Know?

I saw this on a blog i was looking at yesterday and decided it was cute enough to want to do one of my own :] So, here's a little about me...

1. Your Name
Cassie Elizabeth Hurst

2. Favorite Restaurant

3. Places you would like to visit
The Mediterranean

4. Favorite Food

5. Favorite Dessert

6. Favorite Animal

7. Favorite place to think

8. Favorite Singer

9. Place I was born

10. My job as I dream it

11. Job now

12. Favorite Books

13. Favorite color

14. Favorite object

my husband

15. Favorite

16. Favorite Day

17. What I want right now