Friday, September 18, 2009


We're in that limbo part of the seasons, summer is on its way out and fall is on the way in. Its not as hot out but not cool enough to really need the fall clothes least for us California living peoples anyway. i don't know what's going on with the rest of you.
As glad as i am that it is cooling off, i've been procrastinating this particular blog entry....but i need to do it because i promised i would. This is the blog with the pictures of the end of our summer :) This is the Forks/Twilight trip, Oregon, and some from our first week or so of being in Sacramento.
So, drum roll please, here are pictures!
I know you've all read Twilight, weather you admit it or not. Its a craze, and some people are nuts about it, so before we left Washington we made a point to see the sights so we can at least say we didn't miss the opportunity.
We started in Port Angeles

Then started driving through the mountains and around the lakes

i can never get s straight face from him. he's always making funny faces when i take his picture

not the best picture of me, but he likes to tell me that he's taking the picture at the last second

FORKS! not a lot of people live there
p.s. notice the weather....overcast and rainy. perfect vampire weather.

There were groups of people taking pictures here

Bella's truck. Sweet right??
they put some lame pictures in the windows, i think it would have been better if they hadn't

This is husbands "i'm only here because my wife made me" face...

This picture speaks for itself... Where was that in the books??
i wonder if it works....

Bella's house.
I think it was the only house in town that fit the description with the windows, but there were no woods close by

They reserved a parking spot for "Dr. Cullen" in the hospital parking lot

You can read the sign.

The parking lot where Edward exposed his powers to save Bella...

The door to the Police Department....they had "Chief Swan's" uniform hanging in a display case, but i couldn't get a good picture of it.

This is supposed to be the Cullin's home....but its right in the middle of town right next to the Police Station. I think it was the only large house in town because its really a B&B.
(sorry its so blurry. i didn't realize it when i took the pic.)

There was a message on the porch for all the Twilight fans from "Esme"

After all the Twilight sight seeing we looked at a few other sights...

you can see through the middle of it. That's Husband :]

I made a new friend

We're really good friends

He had to run back to the car to get his sunglasses for this picture...

This is what the forests look like when the vampires are running at super speed

When we were driving down to California, we decided to stop for a few days in Florance Oregon where we had originally planed to go for our honeymoon. But when we moved the wedding date up there weren't any beach houses available for the dates any more. We still wanted to check it out and maybe do some of the things we had planned.

Awww. What a sweet guy.
John ♥'s Cassie

We went to the beach in the rain

The water was F-R-E-E-Z-I-N-G.
This is me anticipating the water about to wash over my feet...

This is when the ice water got to me....
probably one of the worst pictures of me in the world.

He likes being a photographer :]

We were supposed to go Sandboarding while we were there, but the rain had followed us down the coast and ruined the sand for us that day. We'll go again one day though

The next week after we got to Sacramento, before we even started unpacking, we went to do a little sight seeing with some of john's friends from school. We didn't have any other ideas, so we checked out the capitol building

Husband had to have a picture with Governor Schwarzenegger's bear outside his office

aka John
aka Governor Schwarzenegger's Plain Clothes Secret Body Guard...
i think the sunglasses give him away ;]

After that we got some lunch. We love Mr's Pickle's

Mr. Pickle!!

We made a new friend

One of the down sides to having the movers pack all your stuff up for you, they wrap absolutely EVERYTHING in paper.

We didn't even unpack that much either. We left most of our things in the boxes and just pulled out a few things for until we find a house.

I hope you enjoyed :]]
We're enjoying California so far. Lots of things going on, and yet nothing really note worthy. We'll keep you updated

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

25 Things About Me (in pictures!)

i know this was going around on Facebook like a computer virus on steroids, but i decided i wanted to do it on here with pictures.

So, here are 25 random things you may or may not know about me :]
1) I hate spiders. i couldn't even look for a picture of a real spider because i hate them so much

2) my right calf is bigger then my left, so i don't wear super skinny straight leg pants because they're usually hard to get off my right leg

3) i can't wear cowboy boots because i can't get my feet in them. My mom says its because my ankles don't bend that way

4) i've moved 28 times in my 25 years of life.

5) i believe in ghosts. Yes. It's true. I've had too many experiences to deny it, and they scare me. (And all you non-believers; just because you don't believe in ghosts doesn't mean they don't believe in you...;)

6) I love old movies. Black and Whites, Disney Classics, and just about anything between the 30's to the 60's. Can we say Doris Day? Musicals? LOVE THEM.

7) I seriously wanted to be Punky Bruster when i was younger....
8) i've lived through more earthquakes then i've kept track of ranging from little tremors to an 8.6 on the scale.

9) i want a haircut again. i'm thinking something medium with *gasp* bangs....but i'm afraid
10) i hate things in my armpits. i won't wear cap sleeve t's because of this, and my G's at times seem to be on borderline of driving me insane.

11) My favorite candy is reese's PB cups in the holiday shapes. They have more peanut butter and they're amazing
12) I love cooking. I love having people come over or going to parties that i can bring things to so i have an excuse to cook.

13) i buy strawberry jam with the intent to eat it with my egg rolls, not for pb&j or toast. I use it for those too, but I keep it around for the egg rolls.

14) i have a goal to collect all the movies and cartoons i grew up on for our future kids to enjoy like i did. And i think i'm going to have them watch the Star Wars movies in the order they came out in (IV, V, VI, I, II, III)

15) i have all the baby names picked out, but i won't tell anyone what they are so they can't tell me they don't like them or steal any of them because they're so great.

16) i'm vain enough that i can't go into public without mascara...i know that's kind of vain. i'm sorry

17) i hate hanging up my clothes, but i don't have a dresser so i have to hang them or else make a pile on the floor, but if i do that then i can't get mad at john for leaving his clothes in a pile too

18) i love reading, i go through books like candy when i have time. BUT, i can't spell to save my life.

19) i aspire to be an artist among other things. I'm not as crafty as some people, or as talented as others, but i want to make things and i think i have some ideas.

20) when i think of something funny in my head, my literal thought process to myself sometimes leads to my saying "Laugh Out Loud" in my head....lame

21) i write notes to myself so i don't forget things, but i never use the notes so i forget anyway

22) i like caramel more then chocolate for my ice cream toppings. Nothing against chocolate, cuz i love it too, but if i have a choice caramel is the way to go for me

23) i could watch HGTV for hours on end, if not days, watching design shows if i were given the option.....and some times i do :] i still don't know that i could design a room on my own though...

24) i cry over the smallest things including Disney movies and OnStar commercials. Everything makes me cry. Its annoying.

25) i get vertigo from playing Guitar Hero and driving long distances where i have to pay attention to the road. Everything rushing towards me and after a while makes me feel like i'm sliding out of control.

The End