Thursday, August 27, 2009

Magnet Crafting

I said in an earlier post that i would finish blogging this one. Now i have.
I did a little crafting before we moved :]] terrible timing, but it was an evening project so it didn't effect anything.
In my last lesson to my Laural class back in P.A. before we moved i was teaching my class and had brought some magnets i had made last year to use for my lesson and the girls thought they were really cute. They are really cute (in my opinion), and i wished i had more of them. i had fun making them, so i decided i was going to make more for something to do for fun. My car needed some fixing, so i had some free time alone at home, and it was heat wave week there so anything that didn't involve a lot of energy to cause a sweat was great. I got over to walmart because i needed to get needles for my sewing machine and found all the materials i needed for the magnets:

-Pack of Magnets

-Large Clear Glass Stones (these are usually found close to where they have the glass vases around the craft department)

-Bottle of Mod Podge
-Small Paint Brush

-Magazine (any one you don't mind cutting up)
-Super Glue or Glue Gun

The first time i did this project with my friend Rachel, we found better stones at JoAnn fabrics. They were flatter, clearer, and larger. But i made do with what i had because i thought they were clear enough.

First thing you do is go through your magazine to look for pictures. Patterns, flowers, small pictures, jewelry, or even letters to do someones initials if you want. They don't have to be huge pictures, some of the best magnets i made were the smallest patterns from a scarf or a little design on an ad.

This was the toes on a pair of shoes.

I found a stone i wanted to use and used it like a magnifying glass, finessing it and moving it around over the clipping until i found the right spot so i knew what area i wanted to cut out for sure.

Cut out the areas to match the stone you're going to use for the magnet.
Coat the back of the stone and the front of the picture with a layer of the Mod Podge and smooth the picture down across the back of the stone (mod podge sides together). After its all flat and in place, coat another layer of mod podge across the back of the picture to seal it to the rock and set off to the side to dry.
The Mod Podge is white but will dry clear, so you can tell it is dry when the picture doesn't look cloudy through the stone. I gave it about 15 minutes to dry, which ends up being pretty easy to wait through because you'll be Mod Podging more stones. After its dry and not sticky on the back, take a magnet and superglue it to the back of the stone (the side with the picture on it).

This is what i ended up with :]]

I made a ton of them. Sorry they're not all clear in the pictures though.
They're great for gifts, or you can keep all of them like me and never be short of super cute refrigerator magnets.


Anonymous said...

Those are way cute. I am going to have to give it a try. Thank you.
Heather C.

Jenny said...

I just did some of those at an enrichment! I LOVE them on my fridge. They are way cute and way simple to do... my favorite things when it comes to crafty stuff.

Liz and Grant said...

Way cute! I was reading, and thought magnets can't be that cute or exciting, but i don't have much to do so I'll keep reading- now I am tempted to make some of my own! :)

nicwoo said...

I'm doing this.