Thursday, April 22, 2010

My New Favorite

I have a new favorite candy at the moment. I still loves me my Reeses PB cups, but i now have something new to add to my list of favorites.
I don't go out of my way to buy candy at the checkout counter, so its not like i love Almond Joy's any more then the next person. But i'm a sucker for commercials and if something looks interesting enough i give it a try. These were worth it. I LOVE them. If candy can be interesting, these were fascinating to eat. The insides, they have little tiny chunks of almonds and coconut and chocolate, all the things you'll find in the full size candy bars, but just the fact that it all fits into YUM is the right word. And perfect.
I love Reese's PB Cups (i know i already mentioned this, just go with it for a sec), but oddly enough i don't care for Reese's Pieces. I think it's because of its lack of Chocolate. That's the key to the cup, so don't you think it should be there for the pieces too? ....ok, there's my little rant on those. sorry.
Back to my new favorite. I love this candy, though i've cut candy off my shopping lists for the next while (and replaced it with chocolate rice cakes).....but i can't deny that they may end up in our travel snacks when we take our road trip to go see my family in Idaho soon.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Hate and Love. Love and Hate.

Don't you hate when you buy a new pair of jeans, and 2 weeks later they don't fit any more?? The only way there is an up side to this is if they're too big......and that's exactly what happened to me! YEA!! I wore out an old pair of jeans a few weeks ago so i had to do the dreaded chore of going jeans shopping. I hated it. Every second of it. That's when i started Weight Watchers. 6 lbs down (in a week), and my new jeans are too big. I've been trying to shrink them when i wash them, but i think they're pre-shrunk already. Oh well. i won't buy another pair until i can't keep them on my hips though. i want to get back to pre-marriage weight at least because i still have those jeans, and if i have to buy smaller after that....i don't think i'll hate jeans shopping as much :)

*Lets Go Fly A Kite*

I constantly have to remind my husband how easily i can be entertained. There's nothing wrong with that. But still, he doesn't understand why i have mass amounts of colored pencils and coloring books, why i do crafts, how i can read the same book dozens of times and still love it, why i watch Pride and Prejudice every other week, and why walking through the stores for hours to just look and not buy is a fun thing for me. It's not like he doesn't still plays with Lego's, so i don't see what the big deal is. But one of the things i love is kites. I love kites. I don't know why. i'm sad to say i don't have very many. Not as many as i would like anyway. I'm just selective and i'm on the hunt for that perfect one. I was the first to take my little brother out to fly though. He's 6 now and lives in Idaho and called to tell me the other week that his mom had bought him his first very own "Transformers" kite and insisted that i come see him right away so we could fly our kites together. We're going to see him soon, so i promised to bring mine with me then. My step-mom told me i was the first person he wanted to tell about it as soon as he even saw it. He has the kite bug now too. He's so cute.
Back in my dating days i shared my love for kites with a boyfriend. Sadly this resulted in the loss of my favorite kite of all time. It was a double box kite and it always flew, i never had problems getting it in the air. tons of colors, 2 tails...It was the perfect kite. This "guy" (yes i do say this with hate in my voice) borrowed it one afternoon to play with it with a friend while i was at work. They decided to tie it to fishing line and see how far it would go up. Just thinking about this makes me want to re-enact that scene in Psycho...
From what i was told, it was so high up they had trouble trying to bring it back in so one of them dared the other to let it go for a few seconds. Being guys....they did it. To this day I'm not sure which one did it. I got a few apologies for this, and it was replaced with an inferior kite to "make good" for this, but i'm pretty sure they had too much fun to really be sorry. I stopped sharing my kites with people besides family after that.
This has been a contributing factor to me having not taken Husband out with me before this month though. Well, that and we've never spent a Spring together. He's seen my small collection, and he knows i always have to check the toy store/aisle to see if i can find my perfect kite again. He even brought me a Spider Man Parachute kite home from Central America, so he has more then earned the privilege to fly kites with me. But Spring is the prime season for kite flying, and i've been anxious to take husband out. We keep missing out though. Dang it. The days that have been perfect for flying have all been days when Husband was working. We've tried on the less perfect days but they were all no go's.... My goal for this Spring is to take Husband out on a great kite flying experience, just so he can share my simple joy of kite flying. That's not my only goal of this spring, but its on my top 5.
With Pictures.
Then maybe he'll let me buy more kites :)

Thursday, April 1, 2010

You're Speaking English

Today i spent the afternoon watching a friends 3 year old little girl Olivia (Livy). This girl is stinkin cute and tons of fun. I'm not sure who has more fun when she comes over though, her or husband. She likes to make him chase her in circles around the house growling the whole time till he catches her or until she can get to me and roll up in my lap to hide when she inevitable gets caught and tickled.
Today we decided to take her to the park that is a few blocks from our house. I've been wanting an excuse to check out this park, but since we don't have any kids of our own it would seem kind of weird to go there without a reason. But it turned out to be a great park. There was a regular size playground, and then a smaller scale playground for the under 5 age group that's shorter and you're not in fear of the kids falling off the sides or between the railings, and the slides are smaller so their not picking up so much momentum and flying out at the other end. There were a lot of other kids at the regular playground, but not really any at the smaller one for a while. We had fun sliding down all the slides, her telling husband to follow her up and down from one slide to the next. But eventually a little boy showed up to play with us too. I would say he was about 4, and at first he played on his own, but pretty soon he was inviting Livy to play with him. He was trying to show her how to ride the little horse on a spring thing when i realized i didn't understand anything he was saying. He was speaking a different language, but because we live in America i assumed he would be bilingual and know English as well, so i told him thank you for sharing and asked him if he would show us how to go through the tunnels too. That's when he looked at me a little funny and said:

"Usted está hablando Inglés".

Translation: "You're speaking English".
He said something else after that, and then went to play some more. That's when husband stepped in and started speaking in Spanish to him for me (one of those skills he learned on his mission he served in Chili). I'm not sure what was all said still, but husband told him he speaks Spanish, translated what i said and asked him what his name was. We never got an answer to that, but i think that's forgivable because aren't you not supposed to tell strangers what your name is when you're that age? We'll just overlook the parts where he was playing with and talking to strangers in this case though. He continued to play with us for a while though until some other boys showed up for him to play with. We had our fun and one of the new additions to the playground decided him and i were best friends and was constantly looking for excuses to play by me while smiling and blushing when i smiled back at him. I've always had that effect on boys though, no matter what age ;)
We wore Livy out enough that when we were ready to go home, she didn't put up a fight about it other then she was done with husband completely and didn't want him to hold her hand while we walked back. I ended up having to carry her the whole way back. My arms still feel like they're about to fall off, but it gave me that hope that i'll get that benefit of great arm muscles when i have kids of my own one day.
On the walk home husband filled me in on what the little boy at the park had said though. He said it was "Spanglish", but way more Spanish then anything and was laughing about it, but i felt kind of silly about it for a little while. Now i'm seeing the humor of it though. Sadly i never had to take a different language in school, so i don't know whats being said to me in any other language. When husband is teasing me and tells me things in Spanish i just say "Si", or "No", or "ok mi amor", and occasionally i'll throw in "taco" just to throw him off a little. He says he'll teach me one day, but i've yet to learn anything from him on that one.
I'm not going to go off on that tangent about how "this is America, and if someone wants to live here they should speak English" because if you ask me, that seems a bit ignorant to say something like that. Besides, i'm sure his parents speak English just not very much while at home. But yes, I'm speaking English, because that's what i know :) It was a fun day at the park though, in English and in Spanish.
p.s. Happy April Fools. husband and i didn't do any pranks, but its all fun at our house anyway.