Tuesday, April 20, 2010

*Lets Go Fly A Kite*

I constantly have to remind my husband how easily i can be entertained. There's nothing wrong with that. But still, he doesn't understand why i have mass amounts of colored pencils and coloring books, why i do crafts, how i can read the same book dozens of times and still love it, why i watch Pride and Prejudice every other week, and why walking through the stores for hours to just look and not buy is a fun thing for me. It's not like he doesn't still plays with Lego's, so i don't see what the big deal is. But one of the things i love is kites. I love kites. I don't know why. i'm sad to say i don't have very many. Not as many as i would like anyway. I'm just selective and i'm on the hunt for that perfect one. I was the first to take my little brother out to fly though. He's 6 now and lives in Idaho and called to tell me the other week that his mom had bought him his first very own "Transformers" kite and insisted that i come see him right away so we could fly our kites together. We're going to see him soon, so i promised to bring mine with me then. My step-mom told me i was the first person he wanted to tell about it as soon as he even saw it. He has the kite bug now too. He's so cute.
Back in my dating days i shared my love for kites with a boyfriend. Sadly this resulted in the loss of my favorite kite of all time. It was a double box kite and it always flew, i never had problems getting it in the air. tons of colors, 2 tails...It was the perfect kite. This "guy" (yes i do say this with hate in my voice) borrowed it one afternoon to play with it with a friend while i was at work. They decided to tie it to fishing line and see how far it would go up. Just thinking about this makes me want to re-enact that scene in Psycho...
From what i was told, it was so high up they had trouble trying to bring it back in so one of them dared the other to let it go for a few seconds. Being guys....they did it. To this day I'm not sure which one did it. I got a few apologies for this, and it was replaced with an inferior kite to "make good" for this, but i'm pretty sure they had too much fun to really be sorry. I stopped sharing my kites with people besides family after that.
This has been a contributing factor to me having not taken Husband out with me before this month though. Well, that and we've never spent a Spring together. He's seen my small collection, and he knows i always have to check the toy store/aisle to see if i can find my perfect kite again. He even brought me a Spider Man Parachute kite home from Central America, so he has more then earned the privilege to fly kites with me. But Spring is the prime season for kite flying, and i've been anxious to take husband out. We keep missing out though. Dang it. The days that have been perfect for flying have all been days when Husband was working. We've tried on the less perfect days but they were all no go's.... My goal for this Spring is to take Husband out on a great kite flying experience, just so he can share my simple joy of kite flying. That's not my only goal of this spring, but its on my top 5.
With Pictures.
Then maybe he'll let me buy more kites :)

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