Wednesday, November 18, 2009

I Think Our Apartment is Haunted

Or not...
You decide.
i was in bed last night sleeping with husband, and i was in a pretty deep sleep, but i was suddenly woke up to a mans voice yelling "Nooooooooo", and then it drifted off. It sounded like it was in the same room as us but it was distant at the same time. It didn't wake husband up though. I tried to wake him up to make him listen too, but he's such a deep sleeper i don't think anything short of a gun going off can wake him. I can never wake him when he's pushing me off by taking up the whole bed. i have to climb over him to take his side until he tries to take that side back. haha, ok i'm just kidding about that part, but i've thought about it more then once.
Anyway, I told him about it this morning. I'm not sure he believes me though. Usually, if he didn't hear it or see it then in his opinion it didn't happen.
I've thought about it today, and i know i was awake before it faded away. What do you think? Any opinions? Thoughts? Similar stories?
Just wondering :]


Suzi Q said...

My parents house is ultra haunted. No joke. Seriously it scares the living hell outta me. You hear things and no one else is home. It's freaky.

Jenny said...

I've heard sounds in the house when I'm alone. Like a swear I heard someone cough right near me late at night, but obviously I'm the only one at home with Doug away. It freaked me out quite a bit.

My house can't be haunted though because it was just built. Unless the land it was built on is on an ancient Indian burial site, hmmmm...

I'm sure the sound came from the neighbors though... I mean what kind of ghost coughs??