Friday, March 5, 2010

Some Of Those Pictures I've Been Talking About

I'm keeping my promise, there are pictures for you to see now!
I'll start with valentines day :)
This is the Candy Gram i made for husband:
Cute right? He loved it. I loved that i could get him to peak around the corner of it all cute like he is. If you click it you can see it bigger. I used 15 different candies, but i'm pretty sure it only survived about 2 days.
This is the wonderfully amazing Shrimp Scampi i made for our dinner. Its was d-lish!

This is not what my cake was supposed to end up looking like :( I planned to have a chocolate fondant on it, and i've made the regular white fondant without any problem, but the chocolate didn't work out, i couldn't get it un-sticky enough after i would roll it out to get it off the parchment paper. The flowers turned out great at least, but they would have looked a lot better if they were on the chocolate. It was amazing tasting cake, all made from scratch despite my fail.
The wonderful Oreo Truffles i made to give to friends :) These were the 2 boxes that didn't get given out because we didn't see the friends before husband started eating them. I thought it was really cute in the little boxes.
So yeah, there are a few pictures :) Soon i'll post the pictures from our Basketball Game Adventure.


Rachel said...

yay, it's about time woman! Cute picture of you guys!

Suzi Q said...

Now I want something sweet to eat thanks a lot

nicwoo said...

Aw, darling! And the most well written candy poster I have ever seen.