Tuesday, April 7, 2009

For My Protection

I've been having a hard time deciding what's appropriate for me to say in blogs. i know we don't have a lot of followers (3 that i know of), but my hope is to one day have more. One Day. i joke that Blogs are great for stalking, but if you do put the wrong things on here it really could be used for that. I'm living alone right now. That leaves me open and unprotected. John found out the hard way that i'm stronger then i look, but still.... I doubt that i'll get a lot of fan fair between now and when john gets back, but i scared myself thinking about it.... The other week i went and bought Pepper Spray and other "weapons". i did it because i heard a noise really late at night while i was falling back to sleep and thought someone might be breaking in through the window in the back bedroom. There was no break in attempt and i was hearing things (probably my extremely annoying neighbors going out onto their back deck to smoke), but the whole situation made me realize i had nothing to stop someone if i really had to. All i could think about at the time was a friend back in idaho that had woke up one night with her husband to a man standing over her in bed. He didn't attack them, but that's SCARY to think things like that really happen, and it could have gone a completely different direction. So after my night of fear trying to think of ideas of things i could use as weapons, stiletto heals were the best idea i could come up with at that time, i decided i needed something real. The whole time i kept questioning "why doesn't john play baseball so we could have a bat laying around?", and "if only i could have a dog!". oh well. like i said, nothing happened and it was unnecessary stress, but i did go after work to buy pepper spray and a few other things for my protection. I have a gun, but at the moment it lives with my dad in southern idaho and i can't really remember the reason that is right now so i plan to change those living arrangements soon. At the time all this happened, i was in the middle of writing a blog about our apartment. What it looks like and how it's laid out and all that, i even had pictures, but i changed my mind. I'll post that when we move out i think. So, if you read something on here you think is "too informative", please tell me and i'll remove it. I really am fine being alone for this small amount of time, its not permanent, but i'll still take precautions. Thanks for reading friends!

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