Friday, June 5, 2009

Big News! (no jenny, not that kind of news)

My big news right now is that we're moving. Very exciting and stressful news. That's life in the military though. I hate moving with a passion, but the sooner it happens then the sooner i get to finally be with my husband again. 5 months apart is a terrible thing to do to newlywed's, and the 3 days together the other week was not enough to make up for it (yes, i still need to blog and post pictures about that. soon!).
But, this week John did his picks at school (we were hoping for Hawaii but it wasn't on the billet for picks this round). He was 5th in line to pick, and there were only 2 slots for Sacramento so he didn't think we would get it. So he called to ask me where i wanted to go: Alaska or Florida?
"NOOOO. Not Alaska!"
i said. And then i cried that we had to move so far away to Florida. i've had all this time to prepare myself for our top 2 choices (HI and CA) and i hadn't considered florida at all. But the more i thought about it, the more the idea grew on me. I think talking to my dad helped the most too. He's never been there, but he helped make me think of it as a positive thing so i felt better about it. 2 hours later i was looking for a place to live online and getting excited about it. But then john called again.
"We're moving to Sacramento"
he says. I was actually mad at him for saying that. I told him to go back and change it to florida. He didn't though. We've been talking about where we wanted to go after he got done with school for a year now, so we accepted that we got what we want and we're happy about it.

No idea when we're leaving, but john will be back on July 17th(!!!!!), so i'm going to assume we'll be packing up and leaving by the end of July or early August. He's mentioned a family reunion or something in Utah around that time, and we want to stop and see both our families for a little while too. The end of summer will be busy to say the least. We don't know if we want to buy a home or rent, but we'll be there for at least 4 years so we'll figure something out. I think the thing i'm the most excited for is that i'll be able to see john for longer then a few months. FINALLY! Our longest stretch spent together has been 6 months, and our first anniversary is Aug 1st.
Now i have to find a way to tell my main office that i'll be moving.... i'll only be 45 minutes from their office down there in Cali, maybe they'll give me a job there?


The Pingel Family said...

Hey Cassie! Congrats on the move and everything- that's exciting! How have you guys been? it's been awhile...

Jenny said...

It's nice to know where you're going! I laughed whenever I saw your posting title! :)

We should be in Utah probably from July 2-12... What dates are you looking at being there?