Thursday, May 20, 2010

Our Idaho/Utah Trip

i've been wanting to blog for about 3 1/2 weeks now, and i'm now finally able to give you all some attention. Things have been busy :]
Three weeks ago we took a mini vacation (yes i realize how long ago that was, but i've been busy). It was great. We left on Sunday and drove all day to southern idaho. We had to go to Idaho to register husbands' car. We don't want to be official "California" residents since we're allowed to keep our residency where ever we want pretty much, and since my parents are there we have an address to send everything to. That process took about 2 hours (and less then $100) to get done, and after that it was all fun doing whatever we felt like.
it was great seeing my family. I hadn't seen them in about an year and a half, so it was a trip i was looking forward to (needed!). I got to take my mom out for lunch for her birthday Tuesday, but that was the only time i got to see her because she had to work. But seeing my dad and step-mom was fun. Spending time with my little brother was great too. He's 6 (and 1/2) and going on 20 some times. He is SO sure about everything he says, very determined, and smart. i love his guts. It was so cute to have him read his books he got from school to me. He also shared his cap gun with me. He was so excited when i showed him how to pop the strip of "caps" with a rock on the ground. His favorite part was how it would burn through the paper. But what little boy doesn't like to see what fire does right? We didn't get to fly our kites together though. Sadly it wasn't windy so it was very disappointing for both of us.
We spent 4 days with them, and then started making our way south to see some other friends and family. We got to see two of Husbands aunts in Logan and Ogden. At aunt kathy's we had a birthday party for husbands cousin Marie and got to visit and have fun. There was great food, puking kids, and then some amazing desert. It was great.
After that we went to see aunt Sarrah and uncle Rand. This was the first time i got to meet her and her husband, and i had a great time. They're great :] She had me throw 2 pots on the pottery wheel, and i think its safe to say that i may get into pottery in the future now. i think i did pretty darn well considering it was the first time i've ever spent any real time at a wheel in my life. There was ONE time i tried it in high school for about 30 minutes with minimal instruction from some kids from the college that were visiting. i didn't finish a piece on the wheel then though, i just ended up doing a slab pot the next day. My goal with aunt sarrah was to make a salad bowl (because i'm in need of a nice one), but i didn't get the chance to make anything that big. i need a little more practice building up my walls on the bottom first. One day. But aunt Sarrah and uncle Rand were tons of fun, i'm so glad we got to see them.
Then next we went south to American Fork. We saw Melissa for a little while, one of my best roommates i ever had before we got married. She had a baby in December with her husband, and it was fun (for me at least) to see them. I think we talked about things husband didn't want to hear about (the birthing process). Since this is something i've never done, but plan to do one day, i was interested. She did it naturally on her hands and knees, so of course i was curious to know all about it....
We stayed our nights with husbands cousin Chelsey and her husband Calvin while we were in AF. Once again, another fun time for our trip. i had fun getting to know them a little better, and it was a great place to be so the rest of our friends and family there in the area could come to visit us. We saw our West Virginia friends (from when we all lived in WV), husbands college friends (from when he went to UVSC, aka UVU), and husbands sister Hanna and her husband Chris too. One of the highlights for me was meeting our friend Jed's wife Ali, finally. They got married they day before we did, going on 2 years in August. We've been facebook and blog stalkers of each other ever since and we've never got to meet. She was every bit as great as i thought she would be.
We drove home on a tuesday. Amazingly we never pulled out the camera the whole trip until the drive home....i plan to do 100x's better for the beach trip though. Our friends Jeremy and Tammy came over and BBQ'd for us that night so they could use our tv to watch the Jazz/Lakers game. After driving all day, getting to stay home and have someone else do all the cooking is great.
i got to do a little shopping while we were in Utah. I got part of my bathing suit for our beach trip coming up. I'm proud of myself for only doing that much. But i've spent way too much for clothes for this trip. Online shopping is hard sometimes though. When you get something in the mail it isn't always what you expected, or doesn't fit right or whatever... I got husband one or two things too though :]
So yeah. The trip was great. I got to see my family and we got to see so many other people, it was worth it. We'll have to make the trip again sometime soon :)
Our next trip is in a few weeks, coming up fast!

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