Friday, May 18, 2012

Husband Says...

i don't even remember the last Husband Says i posted, but this one cracked me up so i had to share.

We were in the car on our way home, singing along to the radio. Seriously, i can't figure out why we were in such a good mood when we were on our way home to do some much needed house cleaning, but we were. But Selena Gomez - I Love You Like A Love Song came on, and Husband started singing alone, no holding back. He just belted it out. And then i realized what he thought the words were. He was all ---
"♫ I, I love you like I love SOME baby! ♫  Ok, I understand why "I" would love a baby, but why on earth would Selena Gomez be singing about loving a baby? She's not old enough to have kids."
What? Really? That's what you think she's singing about? Oh Husband. Where do you get this idea? How long has this song been on the radio?

I love that man.

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Jen, Jenny, Jennifer said...

Ok, so I can totally relate to John on this one! I listen more to the beat and the tune of music than I do the actual words. This fact results in me singing the wrong words quite a bit. Doug will sometimes stop singing himself to listen to me and give me a hard time if my words are not quite what the artist intended.

I wonder sometimes if he writes them down too because it usually cracks him up.

I know I've been bad about updating my blog recently, but I wanted you to know that it was great to hear what's happening with you guys. I wished lived closer!