Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Goodbye Coast Guard

Husband is officially out of the Coast Guard as of yesterday! What?? I have to be honest, I have mixed feelings about this. If it wasn't for the Coast Guard I don't think we would be married. After him being abroad at sea for 6 months on a ship, he was desperate to get away from said ship and I happened to be his closest friend that was single and cute. We had Thanksgiving together and then we were engaged 2 months later. And after another one of his 6 month deployments abroad we were married. If he hadn't joined the Coast Guard then that Thanksgiving would not have happened for us, our only date would have been 1 semi date we had while I was visiting in Utah while we were in college. He says it was a date, I thought I was just meeting up with a friend as I was passing through. Plus, I've never started a date by meeting up with a guy at another girls apartment and waiting for them to finish watching a movie together....he actually just informed me that they possibly may have been holding hands. So, yeah, that proves my point that after a stellar semi first date like that, I doubt we would have gotten together without the Coast Guard.

By leaving the Coast Guard we're losing the job security in this economy and that guaranteed pay check. The basically useless health care. The camaraderie from living the military life with others that are living it too.
But without the Coast Guard we wouldn't have met the great friends that we have, or moved the places we did. We wouldn't be here in CA, owning the adorable home that we do, have the awesome cats that we love so much, and who's to say we would be in the middle of this process of trying to become foster parents. Our lives would have been different. But Husband is my absolute best friend, and I am grateful that we are where we are and for the things that have gotten us here. And I am happy for him that he is so happy to be out of the Coast Guard now. Life will go on, and stay good I hope. He also finished his first semester of school Tuesday. All good grades, 3 A's and a B. He's been working his new marketing job that he really enjoys for over a month now, and he's doing great, and loving every day of it.

So, good job Husband. And congratulations. You're amazing.

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