Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Husband says the darndest things too

I know, kids are usually the ones to say funny things, but i don't have any of those yet. I have a Husband. Husbands say funny things too. So for now, i'm going to start a list of things John (husband) says that crack me up.

Recently my dad redrafted his "will" for if something happened to him, or both him and my step-mom Cindy. His reasoning for this was silly in my opinion, but whatever makes him happy. Around Fathers Day he was informing of these changes, and what he was leaving to who (john & i get my little brother Jared), and he informed me that he wants to leave half his guns, his most prized possessions, to John. A few days later i was telling John about this and John was actually excited about it. His response to this was:

"I could shoot a bear!"

Gotta love boys ;]

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nicwoo said...

Goodie! I wish I was organized more enough to do this because..... it's so true!
And I guess, true too: he could shoot a bear.