Sunday, November 15, 2009

Birthday Girl

Last Sunday was my birthday :]] I've hit a new stage in my life i think...or at least it sounds like i should be in a new one.
Wow. i'm on the down side of my 20's now, and that seems strange to me. I remember turning 15 and thinking how i was half way to 30.
....that feels like it wasn't very long ago....and 30 doesn't sound that old anymore.
My grandpa passed away in his 40's. When i was a little girl that sounded so old to me. i shake my head at that now.
At what age do we stop wanting to grow up and start wishing we were younger?

My birthday didn't seem like a big deal to me (it hasn't for several years really), it kind of felt like every other day. But i was good with that. Saturday the 7th we went out for dinner at Marie Callender's, and lucky us, it turned out to be Karaoke night! It was in their bar area (i didn't even know they had a bar area), and it was mostly little old couples and people that shouldn't even be trying to sing. You're jealous right? You wish you could have been there with us, i know. I can honestly say i would have felt left out if we hadn't sat close enough by to see the show. We didn't sing, but husband spent most of the meal trying to come up with songs he could get up and sing for me.
On the actual "big day" Husband was supposed to work all day, but they sent him home early (at 3:30!) because they had an extra crew in from Hawaii after the plane crash still running the base, so i only had to go to church alone. My little nursery kids sang happy birthday for me and it was SOOO cute. When husband got home we went and had dinner at a friends house. They got me a birthday pie, banana cream, not knowing i don't like bananas, but i ate some anyway because she tried so hard to do something for me and i really was grateful.
And then this week i got some present. Over all, it was a good birthday. I took complete advantage of getting everything i wanted for a few days (a glass of water once and a while, going out for ice cream after dinner one night, ect.) by saying it was for "the birthday girl" :) Husband is such a push over it worked. I love him. i'm just grateful i got to spend so much time with my best friend (husband if you hadn't guessed who i was talking about).
Now on to the next year of life. As long as i have husband, i can't wait to see what's next.


Suzi Q said...

My birthday was a total bummer this year. The night before we had those awful neighbor's blarring their music from 1-5 am. As soon as Kevin was home from work we drove to Boise and slept on the floor at this parents house, then drove to OR for my Grandma's birthday. It IS sad that we don't look forward to birthdays anymore! This is why I really enjoy gifts now! Ha! Well Happy Late birtday!!

nicwoo said...

Sooo sweet! Not banana sweet, but like, ice cream sweet- ;) Happy Belated Birthday, Cass. You are so special!