Monday, December 7, 2009

New House Pictures

I've been promising pictures to you all of the new house. After I finally decided how to lay out the living room, found the cord for the camera and uploaded them....i just realized i don't have an outside picture of the house. Dang it. Sorry. So that will have to come later i guess.The house and all the new furniture are great though. I love it! Everything is where i want it, there are only a few things that i still need, but they're things i can live without for a while until we have more money in savings again. That will be after Christmas for sure, but I'm good with that.
So, here are pictures. Just an FYI, i have not hung up any pictures in the house. I haven't figured that part out yet. But there is tons of wall space, and i'm thinking not enough pictures to take up all that space, so i'm looking into investing in some nice art and pictures (or maybe even make my own...).

Our Front Entry
There's a closet and cupboard that goes under the stairs that's very Harry Potter-esk. Upstairs is a long hall that goes to all the bedrooms (not decorated and not set up yet).
i love the cathedral ceilings that go through this front half of the house.

Our Living Room
Our new couch is SO comfortable, and that's husbands new TV that i won't let him hook his xbox up to. Poor husband... :(
I think it needs a nice big potted plant or some kind of something for that corner with the lamp. I also need to get some sort of small coffee table or ottoman. One day :)

The Dining Room
Ignore all the pictures littering the place. My beautiful new dining table is great. Love that as much as the couch.
The Family Room
This is usually where you can find husband playing his xbox.
Don't you love the plaid couches? I can't seem to get rid of them. But with the family room they work fine.

Off behind the love seat is the kitchen
It's very white. White walls, white cupboard and counters, white appliances... I'm planning to paint. I love all the space though.
Don't you love how husband sneaks into the pictures? He's so cute.
This is my pot holder. See that stuff all torn up and hanging out of the side of it? Any guesses what happened?
Did that guess involve a rodent of some sort, cuz if it did then you're right. We had a mouse!
I didn't realize we had this mouse until i found this on our counter Thanksgiving morning.
When i saw it i couldn't grasp what happened. I thought it was so weird that husband would eat a banana that way. But then i figured it out. Our little friend ate a potato i had in a big bag next to the fridge, and he ate through my dish rag to get to the rolls left over from dinner in a bowl on the kitchen table.
We set out traps, that didn't work, and then poison and we haven't heard from him for a while now, so i'm thinking he's gone....i hope.

This is our beautiful new Christmas Countdown decoration we received from husbands brother Jacob and his amazing new wife Natalie. Its adorable, and it came with candy stuffed in it. Score! Its the only Christmas decorations i have up sadly. We're going to be gone for the holidays and husband doesn't want to buy me a tree. Oh well.
So there you are. Pictures of our house. I'll post upstairs pictures one day maybe, after i make the headboard for our bed and get the bedside tables we're living without for right now. The downstairs was my priority because closing the door can be done upstairs when people are over. I'm loving living in a real house though. Its twice the size of the apartment, and 50 times better. We don't have to go up and down a flight of stairs to bring groceries in, the garage isn't a mile away, and we don't have noise neighbors. Our neighbors actually asked if we wouldn't mind if they mowed our lawn for us so its all even. What?? i've never heard of someone wanting to do that before.
Its all great.


The McKays said...

I love the living room set up! Makes it look bigger!

The Petersens said...

OMG!!! Love the house. Minus the mouse. Can't wait to come see you guys!

Jenny said...

What a beautiful house! It looks so great.. I can't believe you guys just moved in!

nicwoo said...

WOWIE YAY!!!! It's beautiful! So happy for you guys- :D
P.S. I think you are a good wife to make your hubby a "man room." It is supposed to be that way! lol