Tuesday, January 19, 2010

I Have A Confession

i should be on the Worst Cooks in America show...
Have any of you watched this show? (please tell me if you do so i don't feel like a dork.) I didn't start watching the show from the beginning of the series, i just kind of happened onto it a few weeks ago and i've been hooked since. These contestants, they're terrible cooks that were sent to this show to learn from chefs every week and compete to find out who the best of the worst is.

Until i started watching this show i thought i was a decent enough cook. Nothing top quality like my friend Nathan Child (who wins National cooking comps and is a-m-a-z-i-n-g), but good enough that i wouldn't be ashamed to feed strangers occasionally, and i could feed my family without too much complaint ( i don't remember the last time husband complained about my cooking). It wasn't until i started watching this show, Worst Cooks, that i realized how little i really know! I think the only thing i am good at is making a casserole and salad. i can follow a recipe fairly well most of the time, the easy ones any way. But the things these "worst cooks" are learning is beyond my level. My comprehension. I'm terrible at spices and picking out flavors and "wilting salads", and all the different type of cooking, and they go and just throw things together without a recipe... i would fail on the show!

This is just something i've been thinking about the last few day. My solution for this is one of two options. 1) get on the show, or 2) start taking cooking classes. The second option is more realistic, but the first one would be more fun. So, i'm just going to put this out there: Nominate me for the show! tell them i'm terrible. After i learn to cook, for everyone that nominated me i will come to your home and cook for you ;) Until then, i'm just going to get by on my measly cooking talents and hope for the best.
vote for me!

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nicwoo said...

We should take them together, I am not very "consistent."