Monday, January 4, 2010

Angry Face

I almost had my first real car accident today. I was on my way to the bank, i had my Jamba Juice in the cup holder, and i was thinking about how i was about ready for another sip of it when i got to the red light 2 intersections up. The car in front of me turned right so i had to slow down for it and i was speeding up through the intersection when all of a sudden a car pulls out into the intersection right in front of me out of nowhere. It hadn't even stuck its nose out to see if anyone was coming so i'm not sure it had even stopped for their red light. I didn't have time to hit my horn, i had to swerve to miss her so fast and luckily there wasn't a car in the lane next to me otherwise it would have been a mess... She sped off to the far left lane and got into the turning lane to get as many cars between us as possible, but i saw her passenger look over a me with a look on his face like he knew what happened was their fault and to see if i was peeved. I was upset for about 20 seconds while i sat at the red light as i thought about my choices: be a jerk back and give them the stare down while i mouth curse words at them through the closed window... OR let it go and chalk it up to a close call. As much as i didn't want to i let it go, i did. I let it go. I'm not telling this story to say i'm a better person then those people that do use choice words or hand gestures (because that was my first thought to do after i knew i had avoided the accident), but i'm really proud of myself for taking that second to think about how i was going to react. That woman is probably my least favorite person of my week still, but....i let it go. I actually hadn't thought about it again until husband called to ask about my day.
I've been driving almost 10 years now, and that's the closest i've come to having a car accident amazingly. Not that i'm trying to jinx myself!
i just realized this is my first post of the new year. Happy New Years everyone! i hope you all had a great, safe holiday. Husband and i did :] We drove for 18 hours straight to New Mexico to stay with his family for the holiday. It was really great seeing everyone, and we had a ton of fun. We're really looking forward to seeing them all again for family vacation this summer. I'll have to post pictures of all our fun real soon.

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Suzi Q said...

I hate that. Those near car accidents make my stomach hurt forever. You get that GASP feeling. Glad it went well. I want a jamba juice! Aloha pineapple please....if you are in the neighborhood.