Thursday, April 7, 2011

So Many Things

So, i haven't been on here telling you all about life in over a month. I had time while i was in Idaho with my parents, but i wasn't really sure what to say. But I'm back now, and i've been non stop busy and i have all kinds of things to say. If only i can remember everything. This is everything you can look forward to hearing about SOON:

1. I finished my padded headboard! (pictures to come)
2. I went to Idaho to help my dad with him amnesia (as previously stated)
3. H a great date with husband when we both finally got home (6 weeks apart is too long!)
4. We deep cleaned the house top to bottom and i got to do some decorating (i have pictures for this too)
5. Husbands parents and sister came for their spring break (more pictures)
6. I made my own place mats (pictures again)
7. I'm making my own curtains. finally (there will be pictures when i finish)
8. I broke my kindle getting into bed
9. We started dieting (for real. not just "watching what we eat")
10. I've started teaching in Young Women at church and i'm getting ready for Girls Camp

How can you contain your excitement to hear all my stories?!


Jen, Jenny, Jennifer said...

Can't wait to hear about all your stories!

nicwoo said...