Thursday, July 21, 2011

{Just a Dream}

Why don't more stairs have this built in? I mean, yes, i do have a closet and storage that go all the way under my stairs, and it's great. But to have this type of storage would be heaven. If i ever have a house built, this is on my list of *must have*s
I love it.

This week i've been sewing. At the moment i'm taking a break from making the ruffles and flowers i'll be sewing onto my throw pillows.

And on a happy note, Husband is home as of 6 something today. I wasn't really paying attention to the time. I just know he's home now and I had my homemade dinner ready within 5 minutes of him walking through the door like a good wife that's missed her husband would ;) The last 2 weeks {minus the 2 days he was home last week} have gone by way too slow. I asked him what he wanted to do tonight and he said he wanted to take me to see Captain America at midnight. Go figure. I guess he had fun at the Harry Potter showing last week if he wants to go to another midnight showing. He's awesome though. I'm just glad to have him home safe and sound.


Jen, Jenny, Jennifer said...

Okay, I totally have to agree with you 100 percent. That storage under those stairs is absolutely GENIUS!

I'm so impressed with you wifey-ness. There aren't many nights that Doug comes home from work with dinner ready for him. John is a lucky guy!

nicwoo said...

You are on Pinterest? :)