Sunday, June 14, 2009

Thank You Rachel Ray

OK, so the other day after work i was sitting at home being a slug. I get off at 1 in the afternoon, and with john gone i don't have a lot going on at home besides my gets monotonous to say the least. Like that commercial that Nutri-Grain has where the persons day is the same every day, and then they change it by eating the Nutri-Grain Bar and the whole day ends up being better.

That's how i feel some times, like my day is always the same.
A few months ago i started eating a light breakfast every day and taking a bag of mini-wheat's with me to work for something to snack on, so i'm not eating all the crap food that the person is in the commercial, so i'm proud of myself for making that change. I don't eat out at all except for maybe Subway every now and then. But my day is usually get up, shower, get ready, grab food, work till 1, do things online (bills, blog, facebook, shopping, whatever), go home grab a late lunch, watch my routine of tv shows i recorded in the day, talk to john for a while, eat a small dinner, read, go to bed, repeat. It was starting to get depressing. But, since i got home from vacation i've been motivated to make some changes. i don't know if it was coming home from vacation, or if its knowing we're moving or....i don't know. But i'm doing things now. My house has been deep cleaned. I have project ideas all planned out and i'm in the process of acquiring all the materials to follow through with them: i.e. the coffee table i want to refinish, redecorating the bedroom, making a padded headboard. That kind of stuff.

But tuesday was a big day for me. Another turning point. I made a choice, and i hope its one that makes all the difference. I got home from work, had finished eating my lunch, and i was mad at myself for wanting something to snack on but wasn't allowing myself to go in the kitchen to do it. Everything is reruns on tv and i didn't have anything to watch, so i was going through the menu and saw Rachel Ray was on. I haven't watched her since john left so i changed the channel to her. The next segment she was starting was about a 15 year old girl that had lost almost 60 pounds because she was inspired (by watching Rachel Ray of coarse) to start using her family treadmill every day while watching the show and start cooking real food (like Rachel Ray). They had her on the show because she was depressed that she still didn't have friends after losing all the weight (she really did look amazing and was much more mature then a regular 16 year old). But i was watching this segment and i thought "If a 16 year old girl can do it by doing that, then so can i". I didn't even finish the segment, i turned the tv off, went downstairs to change into workout clothes, grabbed my headphones and a bottle of water and went to the YMCA we have here in town. One of the great perks about the Coast Guard here is that they get in to the Y free, and us family members do too. So i asked how it all works at the front desk, they gave me the sign in sheet, and i was given a tour of the gym. They even tried to offer me a job but i turned it down since we're moving in Aug. I was on a treadmill within 30 minutes of watching Rachel Ray. I ran for a half hour, did the rowing machine for 20, and a few other things for 15, and then i was done. I worked out a full hour.
I used to go to spinning all the time back in Coeur d' alene, and that was great. They have a class here at the Y, so i'm going to start doing that if they can get better times for it on their schedule, or continue the treadmill and the other working out stuff...i don't know. But i'm going to keep going. I could have been doing this the whole time, and that's what bugs the most, but i held myself back. I hate going to the gym alone. But, now i've done it, so i can do it again. I got some better running shoes (yea!), and now i'll be going to the gym. I want to go every day till we move, i'll just skip sundays and wednesdays (mutual night), and i think i can do it. i went 3 times last week already, and i think i can keep it up. wish me luck!!

P.S. Click here for the link to the video segment that inspired me ;]


Jenny said...

You are AMAZING Cassie! I just need to find the TV clip that will motivate me to decorate my house... If you find it let me know! :)

Coty said...

That's amazing.
You rock that gym, girl!
Power to ya!