Monday, June 1, 2009

Yes, i'm due...

for a new blog. I've been home for 6 days and still haven't posted pictures or anything about the trip. But i have started writing it, i just get bored or my internet connection goes funky and i can't save it at home. I'm editing it because if i'm bored writing it then i know you'll be bored reading it. But there's a lot to tell about because i had a TON of fun and it was great seeing my John and Rachel and Doug and Jenny, and going to the beach and a hundred other little stories. AND, i started pulling out all the pictures i wanted to post (there are a lot of them), i put them in a folder in the order i wanted to show them to you all, but when i went into the folder to make a few changes they were all messed up and in numerical order so i have to go through them again to be in the order I want them in. It will happen soon though, promise!

we probably find out where we're moving to this week! If not today, then probably tomorrow :]] Cross your fingers! john want's Hawaii, and the more i think about it, the more i want Hawaii too!

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Jenny said...

...due for a beating. Stop with the baby scares already! :) I saw it and I was thinking... she rode on the rollercoasters??

Let us know as soon as you know! I'm rooting for Hawaii too... it's always good to have friends living in Hawaii. :)