Tuesday, October 6, 2009

A Letter From The Editor

Dear 4 readers,

I feel i should apologize to all of you. I had a goal in my head to blog at least once a week to make this blog a worthwhile read, but in all the business of my life of doing nothing, there really isn't much to talk about. Husband works, i search for houses and jobs.

At the moment I'm burned out of that though. Every time we find a house to put an offer on, we come to find out there are already 18 other offers that are going to be presented along with ours. What kind of market is this??I can't tell you how many issues i'm having with this. BLAH! Nothing worth living in stays on the market for more then a week, and everything in our price range is actually way our of our range because people are paying up the yingyang over the asking price to get their offer accepted. i'm frustrated. But, BUT, butbutbut, but, i know things are going to work out in the end. i don't know how things are supposed to work out for us, but i know i have to accept things for how they go, and what ever is best for us will work out. I'm being positive. There is something out there waiting for us. Somewhere. I think the only reason i say this with confidence is because i've been praying about this for weeks (months!) and haven't felt the impression that i should quit....so i'm counting my blessings and trying to do my best.
As far as job searching goes....i'll find something when i actually focus on that part. I'm contemplating selling Mary Kay, but i haven't decided if that's the best way to go right now...

You may or may not have noticed that i have added husband as an editor to the blog. I try to mention him at least once in every entry, but i think he's feeling a little picked on. i pick on him out of LOVE! He is my best friend in the whole world, and he makes me more happy than anyone i've ever met. It's just how we are. And i tell him before i even post a "husband says" entry, so its not like i'm making fun of him behind his back. He has all veto power in this. But, now he has the ability to say what he wants. Weather that is to tell a story, defending himself, or make fun of me too....that's up to him. I'm not sure how often he'll do this, but keep an eye out for him. He may need a little encouragement from you all (all 4 of you) before it happens though ;)

So yeah, thanks for reading. We love hearing from the few of you that do follow. I'll do my best to come up with more idea to blog about, and you should be hearing from one of us again soon.

p.s. one of us (no names mentioned) didn't like having our picture on the "followers" boxes of friends pages for some reason, so if we're missing from your box please don't take it personal, we're still following you though!

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Suzi Q said...

I love your posts. WE ALL PICK ON OUR HUSBANDS! I do so much, I seriously feel bad for him sometimes. I love the "lets call the whole thing off" song, reminds me of when harry me sally. Did you see I made those magnets? Totally took your idea :-)