Saturday, August 7, 2010

I Clicked There

This is just something i found funny today. I admit it, i'm a sucker for commercials and adds some times. There are sooo many times i crave and covet things i see on tv. Its terrible. And if there's something i find half interesting that has a web site, i'll check it out. We've all seen the commercials right? The *puppet* ala Muppets style workers taking call center orders for the site. They were funny, so i had to look at the site. Their ploy to use humor with puppets worked on me. I'm not in buying mode right now, that comes and goes every few months or so, i was just waisting time this afternoon online so i checked it out. Honestly, I don't like to buy shoes online too often because i want to know how they fit before i buy them.
Then i stumbled on the this towards the bottom of the page:

You may have to click on the picture to see what i have circled in red here. Something you don't usually see, it says Don't Ever Click Here. What would you do if you saw that? Duh. You can't NOT click there. So i did it. And i got Rick Roll'd. It sent me to the funniest thing i had seen all day. So, now you can go to Zappos and check it out for yourself. But if you don't want to, you can just click where i said *don't ever click here* and it'll take you to where Zappos sent me.
I'll be blogging again this next week. We had our anniversary this last Sunday, and today we went through the Star Trek exhibit at the Aerospace Museum. We weren't supposed to take pictures of that, but i'm a rule breaker :) So those posts will come soon.


Jenny said...

Ha ha! You got Rick Roll'd! I thought that was only something within the computer nerd community. Doug and his coworkers try to rick roll each other all the time.

nicwoo said...

You have a great sense of humor. Miss Rule Breaker!