Thursday, September 16, 2010

Best Taco Salad Ever

While we were on family vacation to the Outer Banks this year, everyone in the family took turns making dinner over the week. We were warned ahead of time by several months so we could make plans. Since Husband is such a fan of my Taco Salad (its one of his top 3 favorites to request when i ask him what he wants for dinner for the week), and it feeds so many with just one recipe, i figured it would be my best choice to go with. It turned out i was right too, everyone was happy :] least they said so anyway. After getting back from vacation i promised i would post the recipe, but procrastinator that i am, i still haven't. I'm sorry.

Taco Salad
1 lbs. hamburger (i use ground turkey though)
1 taco seasoning mix
1/2 bag Doritos
1 bag salad mix
1 can Black beans (drained)
1 can Kidney beans (drained)
1/2 bottle Catalina dressing (i use the fat free kind)
Shredded cheese

Brown the hamburger meat and cook with the taco seasoning according to directions. Poor the Doritos into a big salad bow and crunch them a bit, but not into crumbs though. Poor in the bag of salad and the beans and cheese, and then mix in the Catalina together with everything. Yummy!
This does make a lot for 2 people. The chips will get soggy though, so it doesn't do well for leftovers. When i make it for just us, i don't include the chips and salad in the big bowl, i put them in our individual bowls and mix it all together then. So for leftovers, i send husband to work with sandwich bags of chips and salad so he can heat the mixings and not have soggy stuff.
Let me know if you ever give it a try. It really is amazing stuff :)

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Suzi Q said...

Yum. And your blog is darling!