Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Hey There!

You've missed me right? I'm warning you right now, there are LOTS of words in this post, but not a whole lot of interesting ones. If you read all of it, you're a good friend. If you don't, you're still a good friend because i won't blame you for not reading. So yeah, there's my warning.
I know some of you are wondering what happened to me. i used to be so much better at keeping this up to date. I know i should be doing this better. Its like free therapy some days, cheep entertainment other days, and like having friends around the rest of the days. I like sharing things with everyone so i don't know what my deal is..... i'm sorry. Life just gets busy and distracting some times.
I recently spent 2 weeks in Idaho visiting my family. It was much needed for me, but the hard thing about it was that i did it without Husband. Gasp! I don't know how either of us survived 2 weeks apart.... i especially don't know how Husband survived living alone for that long. He's never done that before. He grew up the middle child. After high school he served a mission for our church for 2 years and always had a companion with him then. When he was going to school he had roommates. Basic training, he lived in barracks. When he was on the boat, its was like living in barracks. No privacy. There's always someone around. Then, we got married and he's been sharing a room with me since. He's never lived alone. But while i was gone he had to feed himself, entertain himself, and keep the house clean...He survived though, and i came home to a clean house. But he called every night to tell me to come home because he was so bored and he missed me. I felt bad doing it to him :(
But I stayed the whole 2 weeks in Idaho with my family, and i'm glad i did if only because i love my family so much. When Husband and i visit there together, Husband wants to go visit Utah right away and see all his friends from school and from growing up, so time seeing my family is cut short. He feels bad doing that, so it was actually his idea for me to go alone in the first place. I probably wouldn't have stayed so long except my younger brother was visiting the first weekend i was there, and i hadn't seen him in over a year. And then my other little brother turned 7 on Sept. 1st and he wanted to have me there for his party.
So i conquered my fear -- or at least survived it -- and drove the 12 hours by myself to make the trip. Yes. I have a fear of driving. I used to make drives like that, no problem, back in the days when i was single. But after i developed a vertigo issue a few years ago, conveniently around the time we got married, driving turned into a stressful scary thing. i only say conveniently because i have Husband to do the bulk of the driving when we travel. I won't go into how hard it is for me, but i got past it -- i did it! -- all by myself. I was going to meet my family up at Yellowstone National Part, but Husband and i decided making that part of the trip was pushing it for me. So i missed out on that with my fam, but oh well.
Getting to spend so much time with my little brother Jared was fun. He started 1st grade while i was there, and it was exciting to send him off for that. His poor mom though. Cindy, my step-mom, was at a loss of what to do with her days that first week. She spent every hour wondering what he was doing, missing him, and trying to think up excuses to go see him at school. And then when he came home, he didn't go running into his mom's arms like she imagined and hoped he would. He would walk in and ask where i was instead. She said it was like getting stabbed in the heart with a knife and having it twisted it in a little deeper every day. I felt bad about that, but thankfully she knew it wasn't intentional on my part. He just loved having me there. When i'm not, he usually calls at least once a week to tell me how he plans to build a guest house onto theirs so i can come live with them. He says bringing Husband is an option left up to me if i really want him to come, thank goodness. He just loves his sister.
His birthday party turned out to be a lot of fun. I spent a few hours filling up water balloons for him and his friends to have a war out in the front yard that only lasted a few minutes. But i got to throw a few of them myself, so it was all worth it in the end. His birthday present from mom and dad was his very own kitten. Cute right?

I was so jealous. Well, at least i was until she pooped on my bed in the middle of the night right next to my head. *Seriously???* I about puked all over her. After that she thought we were best friends though. She followed me everywhere, i couldn't sit down without her in my lap. blah. i started locking her in the garage every night so she would always know where the litter box was at night.
While i was there, i got to run into Logan UT a few times to go to Hobby Lobby. Hobby Lobby is one of those places i can spend hours wondering around and getting ideas for crafts and art projects and decorating. If we had a Hobby Lobby here in Cali, i would probably spend all our extra money there. Something i picked up while i was there, something i've wanted to do for a while but didn't have everything to make it, was supplies to make this:

Antiqued Candle Holders. Its glass vases sprayed with mirror spray paint and water to make it look antiqued. I like candle warmers, but I'm not a huge fan of candles in my home. I don't care for the fire part. But it really is SO pretty, i couldn't resist wanting to make it. But i couldn't make it because i wasn't able to find the mirror spray paint. I have tons of glass vases that sit in my kitchen windows because i don't know what else to do with them, but now i'll be fixing them up nice and pretty :)
But really, the things that really made the whole trip worth it was spending time with all of my parents. My step-mom Cindy is one of my favorite people in the world. She's always so easy to talk to when something is bothering me, and she's the last person to judge. She's such great example. I love her. With my dad....i'm probably considered a daddy's girl. We're complete opposites though. We have different ways of looking at the world as well as how we do things, but we both want those around us to be happy. I love my daddy though. I got to spend hours just sitting around talking with him. And then my mom :) i love her too. I was able to go over to see my mom when she wasn't busy. I actually got to attend church with her, which is something i haven't done in a very long time. I can't even remember the last time... But it was nice. I enjoyed her ward, and i loved going to her Sunday school class she teaches for the 12-13 year old youth. It was fun seeing all her work she's done in her garden too, and cooking with fresh picked vegetables from the garden was so yummy.
So, that's about it. It was a great visit, but i'm glad to be home. I've been cooking, and cleaning, working on some crafts, and enjoying Husband. I'll be posting a craft i made in the next day or two that i'm pretty excited about, so that's something you can look forward to from me soon.

Oh, and P.S. Happy 1st Day of Fall :) I love this time of year!

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nicwoo said...

What a great trip! You'd be the sweetest older sis in the whole world. And congrats on driving--that is awesome. I know!
(PS I failed to mention that you take pretty pics in the craft post!)