Friday, October 29, 2010

Busy Girl This Fall

Ok, i admit i haven't been busy doing a lot of anything the last few weeks. Lame right? Husband and I were both sick with an annoying cold/flu one week, and we're in the midst of a major push to pay off debt (we paid off my car!!!), so we haven't been out doing things like we would normally. No going out for movies or fun adventures, and except for Husbands desperate need of McDonald's to win the Monopoly million dollar prize, there hasn't been a lot of going out for food on my end. After 2 days in a row of Husband coming home with McNuggets and large fries for me, and stomach aches to follow that evening, i requested he just buy fast food for his lunches and not bring it home ever again. I think i can live without McDonald's for the rest of my life. The pain isn't worth it to me.

But in my down time i found a new addiction. I'm having a little bit of a hard time admitting it, but i think i should share. On top of my admitting this, i'm admitting that i'm hoping to get all of you addicted too.... :] So here it is, my addiction :

Veronica Mars. It was a tv show they had on the CW a little while back that lasted 3 seasons (sadly). Who would have guessed this was actually a good show? Well, my mom of all people did. She kept telling me about this show, and I didn't believe her until the other week when i was looking through the Netflix instant watch library, i added it to my list and gave it a try. And then I couldn't stop watching it once i started. I took over Husbands Xbox and watched all 3 seasons in just a few days. I woke up every morning at 8 (sometimes 7) and parked myself on Husbands favorite chair over the weekend. Yes, i got up at 7 on a Saturday, though i can hardly do that on a week day, and stayed up until 1 at night watching episode after episode. I neglected poor Husband during my marathon too. i don't think i cooked a single meal. It was all PB&J or cereal. But thankfully he's not the type to complain about food. His biggest complaint was that i had taken over the Xbox so he didn't have anything or anyone to entertain him. He survived though.
So yeah, i was addicted and in the end felt very unsatisfied when i got to the last season and it wasn't completed with the continuing story into season 4 to finish the series. But i have a whole new respect for Kristen Bell as an actress which i thought would never happen. Any way, i think you should all watch it and take part in my addiction when you have some time.
I'm happy to say that Fall is finally here in CA. Its beautiful, again. This time last year, almost to the day, i was able to go up to Apple Hill, without Husband because he had to work, and i was hoping to go again this year with him. We just haven't had the chance. We had planned to go with some friends the other week, but Husband managed to get some tickets from work to a football game the same night so we all went to that instead. But chances are good that we'll still be able to go this year. There's still time. Unlike Utah, with its ridiculous snow the last week of October (who would want to jump seasons from summer straight to winter?!). Utah, you have my sympathy....
Halloween is a day away now. Who can wait?? Our ward had our Trunk or Treat 2 weeks ago. We helped with one of the booths, fishing for prizes, and i was actually able to talk Husband into dressing up with me to go. I dressed up like a dental hygienist, and i was able to drag out of husband that the last time he dressed up for Halloween he was Napoleon Dynamite. Since he still had the Vote for Pedro t-shirt, i just had to pop the frames out of some crap sunglasses for him, and he was set. For candy this year we're skipping chocolate and going with suckers.

These loverlys are heaven. I decided, since i usually eat through all the chocolate every year when i purchase candy before the big day and have to buy 3 times as much as i would have if i could just hide it from myself like a normal person, suckers were the way to go. They're impossible to eat through a whole bag in one sitting. I wanted the Caramel Apple Pops, but amazingly i couldn't find them anywhere in the stores here. i have no idea why though. So i resorted to buying 2 boxes of them online, thats how determined to not buy chocolate this year i am. The first box we handed out for trunk or treat, the 2nd box will go for Halloween.
Even as i'm writing this, my enjoyment from this holiday is going down. Why do people have to be dumb? Earlier this week, Wednesday night, just as it was getting dark out, i heard a hard thwack on the front window. It wasn't a new sound because i've heard birds fly into the top windows over the main windows a few times this summer, so i didn't think too much about it other then the fact that it was kind of late for the birds to not realize the windows have glass in them. But Thursday morning when i left for the day, while i was locking the door behind me i looked over and saw this:

Someone decided to throw an egg at out house :[ Why are people that rude? We haven't had the chance to clean it off yet, 2 days later. But its ok though, because tonight as i started my blogging, we were hit again, by the front door this time. Angry Face! Husband didn't hear it, but i did and told him, and he got out the front door just in time to hear a car take off down the street. We'll have to clean it off tomorrow morning for sure now. We don't know anyone in the neighborhood, and we don't have enemies, so who knows why we're being singled out here. Punks.
So that's our month. Nothing too exciting going on, like usual. Really looking forward to November, for my birthday....and for Harry Potter :]


Rachel said...

That is creepy! You should still tell the police so they can watch your neighborhood more. Or go talk to some neighbors too. That is damage to your paint.

nicwoo said...

Yuck about the eggs. Sorry! And thanks for reminding me about those suckers.....used to always grab those! :)