Monday, November 2, 2009

Fall Is Here

By now some of you may have heard about the air collision of the Navy helicopter and the Coast Guard C-130 here of the coast of California. The plane was stationed out of Sacramento here where husband is stationed and its the same type of plane that John works with. I am thankful to say that husband was not on the downed plane, that he was home when the incident happened. He had helped the plane get ready earlier that day, and he knew some of the crew, though not very well, and he took the news kind of hard, but we are counting our blessing and our prayers are with the crew and their families.
I'm only bringing it up because i'm still receiving phone calls, texts, and emails concerning it, so i just wanted to let you all know, and we appreciate all the concern.

We've made some friends from church that live really close by that we have been spending time with. This last Saturday for Halloween we all (minus husband because he had to work [sad face]) went to Apple Hill to do some sight seeing and scenery viewing and apple farm enjoying. It was fun :) It would have been better for me if husband had come, but it didn't happen so now i know which farms to take him to next year, and i made the best of it with the friends.
I stole husband's good camera and took it up with us. It was a beautiful day and i think i got some great fun pictures, so...

i PROMISE we didn't do this to the scarecrow. He was like this when we found him.

i felt so bad for this little Lamb, he was just sitting by himself looking so sad...

the tractor was tipped a little on the hill, so i felt like i was falling over the whole time, but it was too fun to resist this photo opp. terrible picture of me though...dang it.

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nicwoo said...

so beautiful! (I love the BYU tat on the scarecrow...)