Monday, May 18, 2009

Our Future Baby!

Its amazing the weird time wasters you can find online when you're bored. This one is my pick of the day: You can use it to do what i did and get the baby, or you can make a funky lookin sheman prospective child thats your age. I tried the later, but it was so scary that i decided it was best to leave that one to the imagination...or try to find better pictures of us to use to try again another time :)

So, this is what John & I's future baby is supposed to look like. Cute huh? I've decided it looks like its a Her, and i already have a name for her (which i'm not sharing at this time because i have too many prego friends that could steal it cuz its such a good name). Just to put your mind to rest: NO, i'm not pregnant. Not that i know of at least, and i haven't seen my husband in almost 3 months so chances are good that i'm not.


Jenny said...

Okay, so your title... I was like, GOSH, ANOTHER friend having a baby before me! (but I still totally would have been happy for you.)

Cute baby, might have to do one myself. Can't wait for this weekend! Are you feeling any better?

*john + cassie* said...

I CAN'T WAIT FOR THIS WEEKEND! i'm so excited. I am feeling better, not 100%, but better then last week and there is still hope that i'll be perfect by the middle of the week.
Yeah, i wanted to be sure people would check out the blog. Sorry to trick you :) I feel the same when another friend is pregnant before me too, but it'll happen for us both one day :]