Wednesday, May 6, 2009

New Clothes!

So, i have this awesome vacation coming up in a few weeks that involves GETTING TO SEE MY HUSBAND!! (yea!) We're going to the beach and we're going to have tons of fun. A real blessing in my opinion. i can't wait to see him.

In preparation for this trip, and for getting to see him after these long months, i have been working out and buying things so i look cute for him. i don't want to be a frumpy wife, i want to be cute wife, that's as thin as she was when she got married...with new cute clothes. So, i've gotten a few things. A floral top, a cute tan skirt, some comfy red sandals, some capris, and super cute polka dot dress....

Cute right? Dresses in my opinion have the ability to not be so extremely flattering on me, and its easier to mix and match with skirts, so i don't usually go out of my way to try them on. But, every now and then i will and it ends up being fine. I have a few now. I actually already have a black and white polka dot dress i got a while back, but its not as cute as this one i think. It hit me at the knee so it was modest, but once i got married it felt too short for my comfort when i sat down. i wore it once and worried the whole time if it was going to show anything. i didn't, but it was too much stress to be worth it. i'll be giving it to my friend Rachel when i see her on the trip. She's my size but a little shorter then i am....i miss having a friend close by to trade clothes with :( but yeah, i ordered this dress last week from Fashion Bug of all places. We have a store here in town (1 of the 3 chain stores we have here) and i checked out the site to see if it was worth going in to find something cute. I saw this and knew i had to go in. But, our store is a small store and they didn't have it so they had to order it for me. If it didn't fit then i could return it to the store. I found capris under $20 in the store though, and that's always great. Then today, the dress came :) yea. i ripped open the plastic packaging on it and threw it on with my jeans still on. It fits great. Made me want to go out and be a Salsa Dancer or something. The length is great, and there is enough sleeve on it to cover my garments without problem, but i have cardigans to go with it for church because our building is freezing with the AC on. I didn't really need the dress...but i'm glad i got it.

So, all i need to find is a red t-shirt to go with the red sandals i found (for $3!) and i'll be done with my shopping and ready to be cute for John.

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