Tuesday, February 23, 2010

No Pictures :(

Valentines turned out to be great though.
Saturday evening i spent making Oreo Truffles for some of our friends to give to them at church. I had been planning to make everyone cupcakes, but I had had these lovely magical goodies at Christmas in new mexico (husbands sister leah brought them over) and i saw the recipe on a friends blog so i knew i had to make them. And they turned out great! That night i also made husband hang out downstairs while i was upstairs putting his candy gram together. He didn't like knowing i had a secret that i was putting together at all, as well as having to hang out by himself watching tv. I hid his gift under the bed and he was none the wiser. We actually had to get up at a decent hour for church the next morning because it was Stake Conference, so we ended up exchanging gifts while we were getting ready.
This is where i would insert the picture of cute husband holding his awesome candy gram if i had the missing camera.....*sigh*
i took pictures, with my little camera, of the whole day but like i said, there's no way to get it onto the computer without the missing camera that has the USB cable. sad.
Husbands favorite thing to get me for gifts is movies. It probably is safe that way because if i let him get me the things i really want........lets just say we would be in A LOT of debt. i love him for always wanting to get me everything i want, but movies are a good safe less expensive thing to ask for. He got me The Time Travelers Wife, flowers, and once again a card with completely wonderful things written in it. He's great at that part... *sigh*
i handed out the Oreo Truffles in clear valentine themed Chinese food takeout boxes i had found at Michaels *picture would be inserted here*. I couldn't find 2 of the couples i made the boxes up for, but husband didn't mind eating them for them. He calls them "goobers" and tells me i should open a sweets shop to sell them in. Our friends Tammy & Jeremy loved them so much they had us over to their house to teach them how to make them. i don't see a sweets shop in my near future though.
*right here*
i would have posted a picture of how our dinner turned out. It was great! I don't think i've ever made shrimp for anyone, or used shallots in anything either, but we both loved it, and i had fun making it.
Then there was desert. Husbands favorite cake on earth is red velvet, so that's what i made for him. It was wonderful.
*insert picture here*
I made it all from scratch too. The cake, the frosting, the fondant. Sadly my chocolate fondant didn't turn out the way i wanted it to. i had made it before in regular white, but the adding the chocolate didn't turn out right. Oh well. But it tasted great, and i had fun making all the gum paste flowers to decorate it with, so i call it a success. Especially since husband LOVED it :]
It was a good Valentines that i would have posted about sooner if i hadn't been searching the house for the camera every day. In all my searching i thought i would have stumbled onto other things i've been looking for or forgot about, but strangely enough i came up with absolutely nothing. And i think my house is a little messier then when i started :[
Now that its warming up outside more, raining less and less and the days are getting longer, we've started walking in the evenings. It would be more fun if we had a dog for this, but we're enjoying the time together. All the neighborhoods around our house, it turns into 5 miles round trip, and its nice. This week looks like a bunch of rainy days though so we'll take a break i guess. But soon i'm hoping to bump up the walking into jogging. Husband hates jogging he says, but i think he'll come around to.
So, there isn't a lot going on this week for us. Husband has duty tonight so i'm having a quiet night alone. I may put in a chick flick and make some popcorn. Later this week, Friday to be exact, we're going on our date for the month (we usually go out more often, but we're trying to save money). Any guesses what we're doing?? I'm so proud of myself for coming up with this idea: we're going to the Kings/Jazz game here in Sac with 4 of our friends :] Our seats are absolutely nose bleeders, but i don't think any of us care. We're all excited. I'll take more pictures, but we'll see when we actually get to post them. Sorry.
So there you go. I'm sorry for the disappointing lack of pictures, but things are the way they are. I'll still keep looking and keep you all updated though.


Rachel said...

yeah you suck with no pictures! Go get a cord woman. Rude, just rude!
I'm glad you had a great Valentines day. I love love love that movie. So sweet and tender.
I want to see pictures of this cake you made so hurry up and fix this issue.

nicwoo said...

Glad you had a nice Vday- and we will have to try some truffles!! I'm sure it was even BETTER sans nosebleeds and the good Samaritan. :)