Friday, February 19, 2010

Oh no

Ok, i know i promised pictures of our amazing Valentines, and i did take those pictures i promised. Lots of them. I took those pictures with my camera assuming i would be able to upload them onto my computer with the USB connection cord that we have for my husbands super nice camera. I was going to post them yesterday, but we realized that we haven't seen husbands camera since our Christmas trip to New Mexico.....Husband and i have gone through every room of the house looking for this camera, not because i want to blog, but really because its such a nice camera and to lose it is a terrible thing. Its one of Husbands few possessions he has pride in owning, one of those things he loves. So we're searched the whole house several times and we can't find it. More then anything, i feel sad for husband. We'll keep looking, but until we find it i don't know if i'll have personal pictures of us for a while :(
i'll catch you up on the week soon though.
Wish us luck that we find it!

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