Thursday, March 11, 2010

Husband Says...

Its been a while since i've done a "Husband Says". i don't know if its because he hasn't said anything funny enough to blog about in a while or if we haven't been hanging out enough or if i haven't been paying attention enough to remember to blog about it. But whatever the reason, we're due for one.
And i have one :)
Husband was walking around the house all afternoon without a shirt or socks on after work and had been complaining about "how cold" he was. After his shivers and teeth chattering (fake by the way), i pointed out how helpful wearing clothes can be in staying warm and ordered him upstairs to put more clothes on, and then i let him turn the heat up a few degrees. We've turned the heat off over the last few weeks because we really don't need it in California this time of year. He doesn't know it, but the switch on the thermostat is set to off so it doesn't matter what temp you turn it up to, its not going to come on. But as it is, i'm sweating half the night having him sleeping next to me as my own personal space heater. The waves of heat he puts off, i have no idea how he can ever say he's cold. I usually end up with one of my legs hanging out of the covers at night in an attempt to regulate my body temperature. So last night when we were in bed talking, i was teasing him and i said i was "too hot and needed him to go turn the temperature down". He got upset about this, that i was asking him to get out of bed to go downstairs, but he started to get out of bed anyway. i really was kidding, so i had to stop him and pull him back into bed before he got too far.
He looked at me with an angry face and said:

Your kids are not kids.

....i didn't know how to respond to this. What? I had to think for a few seconds about what he was saying. We don't have kids. Why would he say something like that? And then i figured it out: "kids" = "kidding". At least in this case. This cracked me up, and we were both laughing then. But i couldn't resist making fun of him a little more after that.

what are my "kids"? "Adults"? Or should i just call them "children"?

Poor husband. I know i pick on him, but we have so much fun. I love him. We are calling them "children" this week. Or "i'm just childing you".
Fun times.

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nicwoo said...

cute. keep 'em coming :)