Sunday, March 21, 2010

What's Going Down

The last month or so we've been having fun together. I think that spring fever is set in, we're getting out of the house doing more as often as possible.
Last month we went to the Kings vs. Jazz game here in Sacramento with some friends. See up in the very top right corner of this next picture? That's where our seats that we paid $10 for were. But right after 1/2 time, a guy was wondering around up there and stopped to ask us and our friends if we were all together and if we would like better seats. At first i thought he was trying to sell us better tickets so i told him we were fine, but husband found out more and the guy gave us his extra tickets for a Suite because he had landed some court side seats for the game. It was just in time for us to get a better view of the Jazz losing, but it was still fun. Not bad for our first NBA game.

The weather has been great, so we've been playing tennis with some friends and taking more walks. Pretty soon we'll be flying our kites too. I'm excited about that :)
We have a real lawn that we have to take care of and everything now. Its not a huge yard, but its a lot better then none at all. We got our first lawn mower though. Its old school, but i think husband enjoys it. Every time he pulls it out he tells me the horror story of having to mow the huge hill in his old back yard in West Virginia when he was younger. I've heard the story more times then i can count, but the way he tells it, with relief in his voice that our yard is nothing like that, i think it makes him feel ok with the chore so i'll let him tell me as many times as he wishes.
And then today..... we found this:
That's right.
You guessed it.
Our lost camera bag with camera inside.
How did that get there? Husband says it wasn't him that put it there, and i say it wasn't me that did it......but there really is no reason to point fingers since its found now! Husband was putting away something in the hall closet, moved a coat over, and there it was :) After weeks of searching everywhere through the house over and over again, it was right there in the closet we always keep it in.

Husband is still losing things though. All of his shoes are gone. He can't find them anywhere. They're gone. 3 different pairs. So knowing that, who would YOU blame for where the camera was?
I've been saving my money to buy him a new one, but now that i don't have to i can buy new clothes for the beach trip in a few months :) Yea!!!
On a more personal note, i think i'm going to start Weight Watchers. My aunt and uncle started a week ago. In the one week, my uncle lost 12 lbs. and my aunt lost 6 lbs. My mother-in-law has only good things to say about it as well, so i figure its worth a try.
So, thats whats going on with us. St. Patrick's we tried to build Lepricon houses out of playing cards.....but they fell over any time we got very far on them. I wish i had taken pictures because i was having fun for a while with that.
And this week....i have no idea what we're doing. A little organizing in the bedrooms, laundry, spring cleaning, and having fun for sure :) Maybe nature walks to take the camera out.

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nicwoo said...

Yay to all of it! (and how did you take a picture of your camera??)