Tuesday, April 14, 2009

...the best job in the world

I've had some ok jobs in my life and some stupid ones too, but i always got up and went to work...unless i needed a "sick day" *cough**cough**sniff*. Its been a few years since i've taken one of those though. In the last 2 years though i've landed some pretty cushy jobs working part time because they pay enough that i don't need the full time. Super easy jobs. At my job last year i had so much free time at work that i watched all the seasons of Ghost Hunters online (i'm addicted to the show but i refuse to watch it at home cuz it scares me so much). This job i'm at now, again i have a lot of free time and no work to fill it with because i work alone in a branch office and i'm at the mercy to the main office who give me assignments. i sit here until they tell me what they need. It can get monotonous and boring some days, but the ones that are busy can be enjoyable and worthwhile. I'm not doing something i love though, and i'll be the first to admit it. I didn't go to school to run an office. if you want to know the real truth, i want to take some art classes. i have these things in my head that i want to do and i don't know how to make them yet. When i figure it out then i'll devote my time to that. it'll happen one day.

This has been my secret wish dream job for as long as i can remember, the job that has nothing to do with anything about who i am. No reality about it at all. I've wanted to be that person that goes traveling around the worlk rating all the luxury hotels and restaurants for forever. It has nothing to do with talent. I didn't want to do it for money. Its just the plain being pampered and the enjoyment of it all. I imagined sitting poolside with virgin PiƱa Coladas, a big hat and a book. The fancy food and all that. But, where do you get jobs like that??

So, i listen to the radio while i'm getting ready in the mornings before work. My brain has a weird habit of getting stuck on odd thoughts, ideas, subjects, stories, and random memories in the mornings, like its still in dreaming mode, and that's all i can think about, so the radio gives me something else to think about and get out of being stuck in those ruts it gets in. In Port Angeles, in my opinion, the only good radio we get comes from across the sound in Canada. All the Seattle radio is too much static to pick up. So weather reports i have to convert from metric, their traffic reports will never effect me, i have to listen to them say things like "in hospital" and remind myself not to start saying it that way here, and i know i'll never get to participate in all the cool contests they have for their station. Morning radio is a lot of talk so they keep me up to date with what's going on in the entertainment world news, and then they throw in music about the time i'm always in the shower so i have something to sing along to, so it all works out.

A few weeks ago i was listening to them talk about "the Best Job in the World" contest. I don't know if you've heard about it, but i think it really does sound great. The "job" is to hang out for 6 months on the beach of an island off the coast of Queensland Australia. There's a resort, and you just have to test out their new spa treatments, skim a leaf off the top of a pool maybe, feed some fish, snorkel, eat, enjoy the scenery, hike, swim, and write a blog about your stay. And they pay you a lot of money for it! They've already picked the "job" candidates though. They're from around the world and overall attractive young people.


So, yesterday i was listening to the radio again and now "the NEXT Best Job in the World" is taking "applications". It was inevitable to happen. It's a company the sells "Elite Travel Experience" vacations, and they want someone to try them all and blog about them. This is what their site says:

We are looking for an elite travel correspondent to travel the globe for six months, staying at the most exclusive and out of this world hotels and resorts, searching out and reporting on truly unique and mind-blowing experiences normally reserved for the rich and famous.

Imagine this: Enjoying a private candlelight dinner on the Great Wall of China; racing Ferraris through the twisting back roads of Tuscany; spending the afternoon picnicking in the middle of the Moroccan desert and then telling the world about it.

The "job" creator/company owner said there is a "James Bond Experience" where you get to run around pretending your James Bond. You get paid $50,000 for taking the "job", AND you can bring someone with you....I'm applying. There really is such a job that i dreamed of, and now i know how to get it. Not in my wildest dreams do i think i'll actually get the "job", but i can say i tried.

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Coty* said...

Well Hello there Cassie!
This is Coty Hurst, your sister-in-law. I found your blog through the McDaniels, and thought I'd say "Hello".
I hope you aren't too lonely out there in Port Angeles; I just finished reading the Twighlight books and thought it so interesting that you guys live out that way.

Hope all is well, feel free to contact us if you ever need someone to chat with.