Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Floor Plan Fun!!

So, i had to find a program for work that draws tree charts. I had to test it out and make sure the program did what the company is looking for and report back to them. I found one called SmartDraw and was trying it out when i realized: it had a Floor Plan function! How fun is that?? Well, its fun for me at least. For someone that started drawing imaginary home floor plans at the age of 9 in secret for years and then studied drafting in college for a few years, this is my new favorite toy. Sadly, i only have a trial version, and trial period ends today :( But, i played with it (in my non-working hours of course), and drew up the floor plan of our town home. I know the picture is a little blurry, but it was the best i could do. Trial version only let me save pictures with the words "MADE WITH A TRIAL COPY OF SMARTDRAW" covering half the diagram of all the copies and exported versions i tried to make. I had to "PrntScrn" it into a Paint file and cut out all the junk, so this was the best i could do. One day when i clean the house (i.e. actually make my bed and get all the splatter off the bathroom mirror) i'll add interior pictures of the real thing.

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Jenny said...

Are you guys renting or did you buy? This is a nice floorplan.