Sunday, April 26, 2009

john wanted a blog about him

Today was the first time john saw our blog. He didn't really believe that i had started one like he wanted, but now he knows: it's real. He thinks its pretty :) so i have his approval for that at least. But...he didn't think there was enough about him in it for it to be considered "our" blog. My bad i guess (love you muffin!). But in my defense, it's hard to write stuff about his life when i don't see him every day. He's on the other side of the country!

if you didn't already know, john is in the Coast Guard and right now he's away at A-School in Elizabeth City, North Carolina for 5 months. YUCK. We got married last Aug. and 6 months later in March they ripped him away from me. When we got married we knew it was going to happen though, so we had prep time to be ready for this. He's been gone for a little over a month and a half though and we're holding strong still. It was hard the first few weeks, especially for me, but i'm doing a whole lot better now. The hard part was not being able to talk to him when i wanted to or for as long as i wanted to. Some days i'll be lucky to talk to him for 5 minutes before he has to go study. After being spoiled by seeing him every a normal newly wed was hard for me. Weekends are kind of nice because he calls up to 5-8 times sometimes though. Its kind of cute actually, even when we're out of things to talk about because we haven't done anything all day he still calls. And he's sweet in not calling me before 9am (my time, 12 noon his) on saturday mornings. It's kind of a sacred day for me because it's the only day i get to sleep in past 7:45.

So, here's some things about john....He's doing great in school. He's really working hard at studying to make sure he's at the top of his class in ranking and so he can get his first pick of base assignments. His top choice is Hawaii at the moment (how often do you get the chance to move to hawaii right? might as well do it now), and then its a toss up between Sacramento and Elizabeth City NC...but the "toss up" part might be my wishful thinking...for him it might be Hawaii, Cali, and then NC in that order. At the moment i'm a little partial to NC though :) we'll see after vacation next month though. So yeah, he's doing well in school with high score on all his tests. he's pretty happy about that. he's making friends (which is probably a bigger deal to me then it is to him), he's losing all the weight he's put on since getting married (not may fault he was eating enough for 3 people in one meal. i only made that much so he could have left overs for lunch the next day) by playing Wallyball with ALL his free time. I miss him a lot, but he's doing really well and we're already almost 2 months through this.

The great news is we get to see each other in May!!! Super Excited! I'll be taking off a few days from work and flying out there for Memorial Day weekend. We're going to stay in Virginia Beach at a super fancy 4star hotel that john found super cheep online and we'll have tons of fun. The beach, theme parks, the aquarium (that one's for me!), site seeing and shopping, mini golf, and all kinds of fun stuff. Plus! i'll get to see one of my best friends Rachel cuz she moved out there a few months ago, so that's a bonus. So this trip will break up our time apart in half and i'm so grateful. it'll be a great little vacation together :]]

So, excuse me while i get a little girlie for a little bit, but writing so much about him makes me miss him more. I love the fact that i still have a crush on him. There are days that i'll find myself going through pictures i have around the house or online and all i can think is "...he's so cute." I love him. he's so handsome. i know there aren't a lot of people that care for red hair, but for as long as i can remember i've always had a thing for redheads and i've never figured it out. It was destiny i guess. We're going to have cute kids. This is a pic of john with one of his nephews (maybe Coty can tell me which one cuz i'm sure she knows her kids better then anyone, but my guess is that its Sam).If there is a baby or little kid around, if he's not the one holding them then he's usually close by. There are tons of pictures as proof of that. I think it's kind of cute. He's a great person and it's easy to be drawn to him. i love him :) There are things about him and things he does, i feel so blessed to be married to him. And he's a great husband. He'll surprise me some times. He pays attention and remembers the littlest things that i didn't realize half the time i had told him. He'll come home with things that are super special and sweet for me. And he puts up with my craziness (and i really do have my moments). When he's bored and not being entertained by something, even if i'm busy, he's in my face asking for all my attention. Commercials, walking around, shopping, even at church. Kisses ALL the time. Its kind of cute the way he does it even if it gets exhausting sometimes. But i love it. He's always trying so hard to make me happy. And he has a 6th sense for knowing when i'm crying, especially when we're watching a movie. That's one of the reasons i realized that i liked him a little more then a friend. We went to see August Rush in the theatre and he caught me crying and wiped away my tears for me. He still does it....i miss him :(

ok, this was a blog all about John. If i say any more i'll probably start crying. If you want to say hi to him, or say great things about him, you can leave a message on here :)


Jenny said...

Sweetness! I'm glad that you'll be able to go on this vacation with John.

As far as places to live, Doug and I are going through the same thing. If he gets top of his class, we get to choose where to live (but only short term). Hawaii is on the top of my list.. hoping that it is on the top of Doug's as well.

I'm feeling the loneliness as well, but I've decided to make it an opportunity and become more independent. My first responsibility is making sure that the lawn doesn't die...

Coty* said...

Yep, that's my Sam...he pretty partial to his uncle john...and often refers to him as the "redhead who blows up bad guy ships in the ocean"

Love that picture!