Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Husband Says the Darndest Things

I'm due for a blog, i know. I'm sorry. Really REALLY sorry. Not working, i'm not spending as much time online as i used to, and having Husband home (who loves to have all my attention when he's not being entertained my something else) keeps me busy. And then the moving. Heck. We had Husbands sister and brother-in-law come visit for a day the other week, which was lots of fun. They gave me a great excuse to cook yummy food (Salmon, garlic red potatoes, salad, and chocolate eclair cake...yum!), and we got to do a little site seeing around downtown to show them the town. I had been looking for an excuse to check the Dazzled By Twilight store they opened the other month.

But yeah, my 2nd installment of Husband Says:

Yesterday i was sick, we've been sick with colds for days and yesterday was pretty bad for me, so i wasn't much in the mood for cooking. I only ate a bowl of cereal all day so Husband said he would go out and get me any food i wanted. Subway was my choice :) $5 foot long is the way to go any day for me. I would LOVE to do the Subway diet... ;) So he went out to picked up our dinner for us. When he got home he handed me the bag with the sandwiches and went into the kitchen to grab something to drink. I ended up opening the wrong one, that looked kind of yummy i might add. When i asked him what it was he got for himself he said:

"The new one. Tungsten Chicken."
"You know, the new one. The Tungsten Chicken. Tungsten."
....Tuscan Chicken?

He makes me laugh. He's so funny some times. I love him. He really does say the funniest things without realizing he's even funny. He can't say "Irresistible". He says it "In"resistible. I've corrected him so many times about it he's confused and has to say it both ways to cover all his bases. We laugh about it every time.

So there it is. A blog from me to you. We're in the middle of moving now. We're packing up and closing down cleaning and getting ready this week. The movers are coming on friday, and we're heading south on tuesday. I did a little crafting last week that i started blogging about, i just haven't finished typing it. I'll try to finish it some time this week if i can cuz it's super cute. i also need to figure out how to fit in new cell phone shopping in there some how.

Wish us luck! :]]We'll try to keep updated whenever we have Internet

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