Saturday, August 29, 2009

Husband Says...

It's completely against my rules, but we keep a small tv in our bedroom. I allow this because husband has an xbox that he loves to play sometimes (especially when he has a new game) and takes over the tv. With a small apartment the only place to keep the extra tv is the bedroom so i don't have to watch it on the big tv hour on top of hour on top of hour watching video games (and not getting to play too even!). One of the things i'm looking for in a house when we buy is a room we can make an office/husbands play room where he can keep the small tv and xbox so we don't have to have it in our bedroom. But right now, this is how it is and i'll let it be what it is for sanity sake.
So this apartment he have has an entire side wall of the bedroom with floor to ceiling sliding mirrored closet doors. Lucky me, this wall of mirrors is on my side of the bed so when i wake up i get to wake up to my own scary face staring back at me in the morning....needless to say it has taken a little getting used to.
Any way, yesterday husband and i were both in a little bit of a grumpy mood for some reason, i can honestly say i don't know why though. Its rare, but it happens. I went into the bedroom to break my own rule and watch tv in bed while husband watched tv and played on the laptop in the living room. After a while he came back to check on me to make sure i wasn't asleep. I wasn't. I was watching reruns of America's Funniest Videos. I admit, this is a guilty pastime of mine. I swear, one day i'm going to win on that show. So yeah, we watch it some evenings when nothing else is on, and tonight was the $100k show of all the past few weeks past winners. When husband came in, he was facing the wall of mirrors watching the tv off them for the last few minutes while they do recaps, and they showed a clip we had seen earlier this week. John looked at me and said:
"That looks backwards."
I looked at him with the most puzzled look i could have on my face and told him yes it was backwards to him.
"Is that the same clip or do you think they just mirrored it?
I shook my head and smiled at him and said "No, i think YOU mirrored it".
He looked at the wall of mirrors, puzzled look in place, still not understanding what i was saying until i point at the tv (the real one on the wall behind him).
He, hung his head in shame and laughed a little. He said that it hadn't even occurred to him that he was looking at it different, then he ran out of the room so i would stop laughing at him.

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nicwoo said...

lol!! Also, I HATE waking up to mirrors too.