Monday, August 24, 2009

When I Was Little...

When i was younger, my mom had things on the walls that i can still remember and i have no idea where they went or when they disappeared from our walls. But over the years and after all the moves they didn't all make it back up onto our walls at every home. Maybe there wasn't enough room on the walls, or they were outgrown and weren't cool any more, i don't know. I'll have to ask my mom about that. I don't think i ever really thought about it until now. But when I was growing up (in the 80's), cross stitch and needle point things were kind of a trend. Pillows and things for the walls and that stuff. You can occasionally still find then at the DI or Goodwill stores if you look long enough, and sometimes, if you're lucky, in the Relief Society and/or Young Womens rooms at church in the older buildings. I know i saw several this last Sunday in my new wards' RS room. It happens. I remember learning how to do cross stitch when i was little. I had my own little hoop and patterns and all that stuff that went along with it. And i know i started on a rainbow that i never finished, and its possible i still have it in one of my storage bins of things i kept from my childhood along with my Barbies.... i can't confirm or deny this at the moment though. So yeah, its not something you expect to see with the current decorating trends in homes, maybe in back rooms of Grandma's house, so i was surprised to find this one in the home of the friends John and i stayed with when we moved here:

It was in the laundry room, not out in the open though. The reason this one really stood out to me was because my mom had the exact same one in our home when i was little. I had always thought someone had made it for her, or even she had made it maybe, but its the exact same to a T, the frame and colors and everything about it. The lady that owns this one is my mom's age, so its not weird that she has it, and i'm sure she got it around the same time my mom had. The weird part in all of this is that i wanted to steal it from her wall and put it in my own home. I love it. It caught me off guard to come face to face with it again, but when i read it again it actually brought tears to my eyes. I know i don't have any kids yet, i think its just the nostalgia of it being from my childhood, but i want one. So, if you ever see one, or know where i can get one (i know i'm asking for miracles here), tell me.

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nicwoo said...

This is incredible! Good Luck that is such a sweet notion. Maybe you could make something to pass down- You've got loads of talent. :)