Monday, November 16, 2009

So Many Things

So this last week was pretty good i think, besides just having my birthday.
We helped a family friend with his Eagle Scout Project, and in turn we were sent home with a huge foil baking dish of left over pulled pork. We each ate at least one meal of it, if not 2, every day, and husband took a 1/3 of it to work to share with the guys there. Finally we took what was left with us to a friends for dinner and left the leftovers with them. I wish i had thought to take a picture of how much of this pulled pork there really was.
Monday i got presents from my mommy :]]
she sent me some really great picture frames that i've been wanting. Now i can frame The Proclamation to the World, The Living Christ, and one of our wedding pictures all in matching frames. Plus, she got us a beautiful picture of the Idaho Falls LDS Temple (where we got married) that i've been in love with. That one is custom so we're still waiting for that one. Its not the one linked, though i do like that picture. Plus, remember in this post (#2), where i said i want to do some real cake decorating? She sent me all the stuff i've been wanting to get so i can get started.
Then i got my gift from husband that also goes back to that post (#3). A soldering iron. i'm going to set up a small radio and work bench in the garage and start working on some art after the move and Thanksgiving is over. I'm really looking forward to that. I'm not sure how cold it gets here in the winter, but i think it'll work fine....i hope.
Then after cleaning the church Saturday morning, i'm not sure if this was a gift or love or for fun because i don't know how it all happened, but Husband took me furniture shopping... :]] WOW. That was a highlight. After all the extra money we've spent this month we had money to buy furniture. I know how to go without things that i want, or making do with what i have so it wasn't that bad, but husband and i had made a deal that when we got a new bed he could get a new tv. Our bed is fine for a little while, but month after month after month.....not so great. I was getting so desperate i was starting to look on Craigs List for one. But, i'm finding out if i let something sit in husbands mind long enough without pushing it he'll run with it and its all good some how. We got a mailer for a furniture store that had a couch on it that we, amazingly, both liked. There was also an incentive for $500 worth of groceries. So we agreed to go to the store to check it out. When we got there we found the couch, and it turned out to be perfect. We even went around the store to make sure there wasn't a better one, but we already found our winner. We found the mattress set, and then we were walking past the dining sets and started talking about them.....we hadn't planned on getting it at all yet, i was more then willing to wait till next year....but we picked one out. They're delivering it all on Friday and i don't think i can be more excited :) I kept my end of the deal after that, and we went and got a new flat panel tv. He hasn't set it up yet since we're moving this week there isn't really much point unpacking it and repacking so soon, though i think he disagrees.
So, this week we're getting ready to move. It won't be too bad because i've looked around and we really didn't unpack much when we moved into the apartment, so its that much easier on us. I'm moving all our services and changing address on everything, on Friday we get the keys and furniture delivered, and Saturday morning we move it all over to the house just a few blocks away. Then next week i'll finally be able to unpack all our stuff since leaving Port Angeles 4 months ago, and i'm hoping to have it mostly set up by Thanksgiving.
Then i will be posting pictures.
Wish us luck!

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Jenny said...

Congrats on the furniture! I love getting new things. We actually made some good finds on craigslist for pretty cheap so if you have any other needs/wants keep an eye out on there.