Friday, December 4, 2009

Holiday Decorating...

Ok, i may as well say hi since i've already stayed up past 1 a.m. decorating the blog for Christmas and looking for new music for the playlist.
I think only my husband, a book, anything Christmas related, and insomnia are the 4 things that could keep me up this late. I'm WAY behind on my blogging, so i apologize for that, but i was doing a little unpacking when i found my Christmas cd's, so i was inspired that this needed to be done.
Please enjoy the holiday music. I know i plan to have this playlist playing as much as possible for the next while. I wish it was acceptable to play it year round...
I promise, i will catch up on the happenings going on for us this weekend. I've taken pictures of it, i just thought the cord for the camera was lost in husbands car (along with half my Tupperware), but he informed me tonight that its in the closet so i'll be jumping on that very soon!

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nicwoo said...

You are so cute!! Merry Christmas :D