Friday, December 11, 2009

How Do They Do This To People??

i don't even know where to begin. i'm so bugged right now.
ok, so i'm a fan of Old Navy clothes. They're affordable and really have those great basic essentials that are wonderful and they go with everything. At least for me anyway. I buy the same things in different colors even. I don't shop very often, but when i want or need something the first place i look is Old Navy. I go to the store and i shop online as well (cuz they have the "long" option and because if you can't find it in the store its usually online or vice versa ). i don't buy things very often, but i'm always looking when i'm board, kind of like "window shopping" but online.
So yeah, its Christmas and thats a great time to buy things. Everything is on sale left and right. Last week i did some personal shopping. We're going to New Mexico to see husbands family for Christmas, so i wanted new shirts to take with me. I was looking and found this:
its a "Women's Lightweight Boat-Neck Tee". I actually already have one in black that i've had for a while and i love it, so i decided i wanted to get a few more in different colors. I love it so much i was even willing to pay the $14.50 for each. I should have known better though. Nine times out of ten i find every top i want from Old Navy for under $10 eventually. I was looking at my order tonight and discovered that this particular top went on sale for $6!! S-I-X DOLLARS. I haven't even received the original order i made in the mail yet and already they're on sale for less then half the original price. PLUS! They sent me a 20% discount for online orders this week to my email so i can get them for $4.50 each. I had ordered 3 different colors, so at that price all together i could have gotten the 3 for $13.50. A dollar less the the full price for just one. Does that bug anyone else???
SO, i told husband about this and he told me to reorder it all at the discount price and when i receive them then return it with the original full price receipt. Does that make sense? What would you do in this situation? I'd be saving over $30.... I'm torn. What would you do if this happened to you?


Christine said...

Bummer! I'm sure that has happend to all of us at some point. I'm not sure what I would do...I think I would return the full price shirts. (If you can get all your money back) and then re-order the same shirt but on sale. Good Luck! And have fun in NM!!

mshaw said...

Okay, so you don't know me but I am related to Kami Shaw because our husbands are brothers. Your headline attracted my attention when I went to her blogspot. Anyway, something like this happened to me one time when I ordered from JcPenney. The next day after my order had been placed online there was a sale plus free shipping. I called JcPenney and told them I had just placed an order and then gotten an e-mail with a better price. I told them I wanted the better price so did I need to return my order and re-order the same things or would they modify the prices for me. They said they would modify the price for me if I had the online discount code or promo code. So basically they don't want you to return stuff and should be willing to help you out. If they don't help you or try to make it easier, definitely return and save some $$$$! Good luck and Merry Christmas (from a total stranger:)!

Jenny said...

Okay, so I would totally return it if I couldn't go the other route through customer service. And... I love that shirt. I might just have to get one myself... on sale of course. :) Good luck!

nicwoo said...

I don't think you're being dishonest or anything but do what your conscience dictates because you have to live with it.
-Husbands are good to tell you how to handle things like this, I've learned. It is acceptable because Old Navy takes that "risk" every time they put ANYTHING on sale. I would be okay w it! He would be sure I did it! :)